TxWAC builds collaborative relationships to align goals, metrics, and project/funding timelines between conservation organizations, corporate entities, and communities – all working together to accelerate investments that benefit one of Texas’ most precious natural resources – WATER. 

Whether you’re a conservation organization or company, TxWAC project matching services start with learning more about you and your needs. 

What our partners are saying:

  • “At Meta, we are committed to creating a positive impact in the communities where we operate. This project will play an important role in water conservation and improving water quality in the Trinity River watershed,” said Stefanie Woodward, Water Stewardship Lead at Meta. “We are proud to continue our partnership with Texan by Nature as part of our goal to be Water Positive in 2030, aligning our efforts to bolster this restoration initiative to enrich the region for decades to come.” Learn more about the Brushy Creek Longleaf Pine Restoration Project
  • “We are so pleased to be a part of the Texas Water Action Collaborative,” said Ducks Unlimited Director of Development Bob Locke. “It’s been a great opportunity to bring together corporate and foundation partners to an already strong working relationship with TPWD and Texan by Nature. Adequate conservation of natural resources, especially water, will take the combined efforts of all of us, and projects like this are proving grounds for our ability to come together and make it happen.” Learn more about the Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area Wetland Expansion Project

Here’s how the process works:


  • Take this survey if you have a project that needs funding and can articulate the project’s water benefits.
    • If you need support quantifying your benefits, we encourage you to review TxWAC Resources, such as the Conservation Service Resource Guide.
    • We accept project submission throughout the year and ahead of rolling deadlines (February 23, May 24, & September 17) to distribute to participating companies.
  • Within 1-2 weeks of completing the survey, we will score your submission and work with you to create a project proposal that will be included in the TxWAC Project Portfolio.
  • If your project aligns with participating companies’ goals, it will be included in project matching proposals that are sent out three times per year. Please note that completing the TxWAC survey does not guarantee funding.


  • Take this survey or contact our Senior Partnership Manger, Urvi Dani at urvi@texanbynature.org to meet with our team so we can better understand your goals. 
  • Within 1-2 weeks of completing the survey, you’ll receive a list of best aligning projects from the TxWAC Project Portfolio.
  • Our team will work with you to get questions answered from projects, facilitate meetings with projects, and ultimately, help you find the perfect match. Our facilitation model is flexible and we customize it to your needs. 
  • If you’ve completed the survey, we will continue to send new project funding opportunities your way three times per year (March 15, June 14, and October 8).

Projects funded as a result of TxWAC project matching services will include a 5-15% transaction/service fee (added to project total & paid for by funder) depending on services provided by Texan by Nature. This will be discussed with all project/funder parties. 

TxWAC Members underwrite Texan by Nature’s facilitation of TxWAC, where we manage bi-monthly stakeholder meetings, project matching, project development, and messaging/communications. Click the button below to learn how you can accelerate investments in water.


The Coca-Cola Foundation, Silk, Google, Meta, and Microsoft Fund Longleaf Pine Restoration in East Texas

In 2023, the Texas Longleaf Team (TLT) received $972,000 to restore 2,000 acres of longleaf pine forest on private lands in Trinity County, Texas. TLT, in partnership with Raven Environmental Services, will work over a 5-10 year period to remove invasive plants, conduct prescribed burns, and plant ~100,000 longleaf pine seedlings. Through the restoration of 2,000 acres of longleaf pine, this project is projected to provide increased water filtration, totaling 200 million gallons per year for 8-12 years (or as long as maintenance activities are implemented). Learn more about this project.

Cargill Funds Water Loss Prevention Program in North Texas

Cargill is providing funding to Texas Rural Water Association’s (TRWA) Water Loss Prevention Program and Texan by Nature through their Cargill Currents North America program to expand water leak detection services to communities near Friona, Texas. This milestone is a major win for the TRWA’s goal to fund dedicated leak detection support to utilities. Additional line and leak detection equipment enables current TRWA staff to conduct these services and significantly impacts water loss control efforts in these communities. Read the press release.

Arca Continental Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages Funds Clean-Up Efforts in Irving, Texas

$5,000 was donated to Keep Irving Beautiful (KIB), which went towards the purchase of supplies for cleanups during 2022-23. During KIB’s 2023 Trash Bash, 428 volunteers contributed 1,284 hours and removed 1,680 pounds of trash and 660 pounds of recyclable materials from the Trinity River waterway and surrounding areas, in addition to collecting 810 pounds of food for a local pantry. Learn more about this project.

PepsiCo and Meta Support Water Replenishment Project Near Dallas, Texas

In 2022, Ducks Unlimited (DU) received $1.2 million in funding to construct 238 acres of new wetland habitat at the Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area (WMA). DU and their partners constructed 238 acres of new wetlands, expanding existing wetland infrastructure to improve water quality and wetland habitat and provide flood mitigation for over two million people. Learn more about this project.