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  1. Pond Evaluation and Preparing for a Professional Site Visit

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    This webinar will cover how a new or potential pond owner can evaluate an existing pond and identify the potential issues that may need to be addressed. This process starts with determining the management goals for the pond, determining the actual pond size, identifying water sources for the pond, determining the management budget and intensity, aquatic vegetation species present and potential management issues, catch or stocking records and fish population present, issues with the fish population, water quality, and who to contact for assistance.

  2. Integrated Toxic Plant Management

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    Integrated Pest Management is a balanced, tactical approach to pest control. It involves taking action to prevent pest outbreak, when possible and to prevent excessive damage caused by pests. When the noted pest is toxic plants in native grass and introduced grass pastures, Integrated Toxic Plant Management involves an application of IPM principles, the identification of toxic plants, understanding the symptoms of poisoning in livestock, recognizing problem areas in pastures and facilities, and formulating a management strategy for minimizing livestock losses. Management strategies include using good range and pasture practices and livestock management practices. Management strategies include getting new, strange and potentially poisonous plants correctly identified, recognizing when plant control is necessary, knowing what kind of control is best, and most importantly, planning for follow-up management to reduce reinfestation by targeted toxic plants.

    This webinar will offer 1 IPM CEU for pesticide applicators in Texas.

  3. Upcoming Webinar: Reporting Your Data for Spring Cleanups

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    If you’ve received free supplies from KTB for the Spring 2024 cleanup season, we want your data! You have questions, and we have answers: in this webinar, KTB’s Research and Cleanups Program Manager Kirsten Sorensen will give demonstrations on how to submit your data, and will leave ample time for Q&A to help troubleshoot where you’re getting stuck in the process.

  4. More Green Time, Less Screen Time

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    Webinar with Sarah Nielsen, M.Ed., Health Educator, SG Wellness, LLC

    Studies show that direct exposure to nature has positive effects on a child’s physical and emotional development. Green time sessions give children the opportunity to unplug and balance out their screen time exposure with mindfulness, sensory awareness and curiosity. Each session begins with a series of breathing and grounding exercises designed to calm and center the body and mind. Participants then have the opportunity to customize their session by selecting an intention from a green time inspired menu. To close, a short sequence of guided breathing exercises invites participants to rejoin the group and wind down their session.

    This webinar will begin with a brief discussion about the “biophilia – biophobia” spectrum and its influence on nature exposure, before pivoting to practical interventions for increasing green time, and finishing with a conversation about establishing sustainable ways to access nature in order to improve health and wellbeing. By the end of the session participants will be able to appreciate the “biophilia – biophobia” spectrum and its influence on nature exposure, practice forms of noticing, nature journaling, and logging, recall and reproduce demonstrated sensory awareness activities, and apply the green time session framework in their own communities, practices, and classrooms.

    Sarah Nielsen is a Health and Outdoor Educator who specializes in facilitating experiences with nature that enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. Sarah holds a Masters in Health Education, is a Board Certified Health & Well-being Coach, and is a registered ParkRx America provider. In 2022, she began partnering with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX to offer “Green time” focused sessions and interactive seminars for youth and families.

  5. Mental and Physical Benefits of Being Outside

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    Webinar with Ken Baum, Department of State Health Services (DSHS)


    Join Ken Baum with Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to learn what it offers for Community Health Services, often without any charge. Additionally, a new program has been developed (the first of its kind!) that encourages citizens young and old to utilize green space, outdoors, and nature, to nurture their mental health. These resources are being distributed to parks, trails, and paths and have the ability to access additional information to learn more about the mental and physical health of being outdoors.

  6. Learning Science in Nature: Fostering Children’s Learning, Well-being, & Care for the Earth

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    Virtual Teacher Workshop with Andrea Faber Taylor, PhD – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

    In natural settings, many science concepts are readily visible and accessible for hands-on exploration and learning. Thus, it might seem like teaching science in nature should be common practice, and yet it is not. Why? Oftentimes, barriers hinder the effectiveness of nature-based lessons. However, rather than choosing between teaching a lesson indoors or outdoors, perhaps employing a combination is best.

    In this webinar, we will explore research-based theories and evidence of the benefits of nature-based lessons and play for children’s cognitive functioning, learning, and development of environmental stewardship. We’ll also review findings from a recent study exploring indoor versus nature-based science lessons. Webinar attendees then will work in small groups to apply concepts presented to develop a pair of complementary science lessons, employing the strengths of both indoor and nature-based lessons, to enhance students’ learning of one science standard.

  7. Go Gardening Videos

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    Go Gardening’s mission is to help people conserve water in the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers by teaching homeowners how to convert turf grass areas to low-to-no water use landscapes featuring native plants. We hope you learned a lot about enhancing your landscapes in Season One and two of the Go Gardening shows, and we’re looking forward to bringing you lots more gardening know-how in 2024. You can now watch all previous episodes on GVST’s YouTube channel.