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  1. FIN Visits Bracken Bat Cave

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    Join FIN for a very special visit to Bracken Bat Cave with FIN and Bat Conservation International (BCI).

    Bracken Cave is the summer home of more than 15 million Mexican free-tailed bats, making it the world’s largest bat colony and the largest concentrations of mammals on Earth! The emergence of these millions of bats, as they spiral out of the cave at dusk for their nightly insect hunt, is an unforgettable sight.

    Volunteers from BCI will guide attendees to the cave and talk about about the maternity colony and watch their spectacular emergence.

  2. Art in the Park: Nature Inspired Monoprinting

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    Meet at the Outdoor Salado Classroom. Once gathered, the group will go out onto the trails for an exercise in artistic observation and documentation! Then we’ll return to the outdoor picnic tables to create our artworks. We’ll use images of plants and animals, styrofoam plates, and basic techniques to try our hand at this introductory method of a classic artform.

    Encounter the tree that inspired Mayor Phil Hardberger, explore the Borrow Pit, and learn a little about these unique features here at Phil Hardberger Park.

  3. Storytime: Water Water Everywhere

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    Join Ms. Wendy and Mobi to hear stories about water, do cloud painting, learn about water from SAWS, and take a walk to look at the water features in the park.

    We’ll sing songs, read stories, have a make-and-take, and have some fun at our nature playground!

  4. Nature Walk: Invasive Plants

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    Join us on a nature walk to learn about the difference between native plants that are meant to be in our ecosystem and invasive plants that have been introduced and now cause ecological problems. Cheryl Hamilton is a Master Naturalist and an active member of the San Antonio Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas. She was the co-founder of the Balcones Satellite of the Invaders of Texas program in 2010. Cheryl has presented over 100 programs on invasive and native plants.

    Preceding the walk, Cheryl will review the 12 most invasive plants in San Antonio. Management as well as the removal of these plants will be addressed. Following the classroom session, participants will have a chance to look for invasive plants along the park trails. This will be a challenge, however, because the park actively attempts to eradicate these species.

  5. August Monthly Meeting: Cats Indoors: Better for Cats, Better for Birds, Better for People

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    Do you love your pet cat AND wild birds? Do you want to know how to keep them and the family you love safe? Then the best place for your pet is indoors. Grant Sizemore, Director of Invasive Species Programs for The American Bird Conservancy (ABC), will tell us how ABC’s “Cats Indoors” program provides all these safeguards and more by advocating responsible pet ownership and providing best practices.

    Options for in-person attendance will be at Alamo College Districts in San Antonio at 6:00 pm, or online via Zoom at 6:30 pm.

    For more information and to register for in-person attendance, please visit Bexar Audobon Society’s event page.

  6. White-tailed Deer Management Symposium

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    Mark your calendar to attend our White-tailed Deer Management Symposium in La Vernia. This program is a joint effort between the Extension Offices of Bexar, Atascosa, Guadalupe and Wilson counties and will encompass everything “white-tailed deer”. CEUs, door prizes, vendors, refreshments, and a catered meal will be offered.

    Topics include:

    • Herd dynamics
    • Deer nutrition and supplemental feeding
    • Habitat management and food plots
    • Integrating deer and livestock
    • Wildlife management property tax valuation
    • Chronic wasting disease
    • Predator management
    • Feral hog management
    • Antler scoring/aging

    Follow this link for more information and to register.

  7. Native Landscape Certification Program Class: NLCP Level 4 San Antonio – Hybrid

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    NLCP is a series of day-long classes that teach best practices for native plant landscaping – including wildlife habitat gardening. Classes are adapted to the ecoregion in which they are offered and include an indoor training session and a plant identification section. We show you how to use native plants in the landscape; you will also see common non-native plants which may take over our natural areas. Locations vary throughout the state and some classes are presented via Zoom.

    The class on March 25th, ‘NLCP Level 4 San Antonio – Hybrid’, is part one of a two-part event. The class will be on Zoom, and part two will occur on April 1st as an in-person field trip to the Medina River Natural Area.

    Prices to attend NLCP classes are as follows: Level 1, $45; Levels 2 – 4, $50 for NPSOT members, $65 for non-members. For more information and to register for this event, please click here.

    Check out the Native Plant Society of Texas’ full Spring 2023 NLCP schedule and get more information about this class and others here.

  8. Saturday SEAM Series: Weather Wonders

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    Join us as we explore the fun, and sometimes wild, weather Spring brings to South Texas. Students will create tornado tubes and home made quicksand, learn how lightning is made, and put a cloud in a bottle!

  9. Native Plants 101

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    During this beginners workshop, you’ll take a tour of Headwaters to see a native landscape at work, learn from experts with the Native Plant Society of Texas-New Braunfels Chapter about the most low maintenance, but beautiful, native plants you can enjoy, and get tips on the best plants for your yard conditions. We’ll even have activities for kids, so bring the whole family!

  10. Wild About Texas Wildflowers

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    Don’t you love all the gorgeous wildflowers that are coming into bloom? Curious about them? Join Deedy Wright to talk wildflowers. Learn their names, where they like to grow, and how you might grow some of your own next year.

  11. 4th Saturday Nature Walk: Trees in Hardberger Park

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    Join us for an in-person nature education presentation by Lissa Martinez and Michael Nentwich of the Bexar Branches Alliance. They will talk about the various trees in the park and why different species are vital to our park’s ecosystem. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about identifying native trees and how to support them, this is a great opportunity to gain some insight and ask questions to our local experts.

    This talk is part of our monthly 4th Saturday Nature Walk series provided by our Alamo Area Master Naturalists and the Alamo Group of the Sierra Club, with the Native Plant Society of Texas, San Antonio.

    Note: Our guided hikes are approximately an hour and a half long and follow ADA-accessible trails. Please wear closed-toed shoes and bring some water to drink! Restrooms are available at the Urban Ecology Center.

  12. BLC Presents: 5 Common Butterflies of Texas and their Host Plants

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    Join us for a garden lesson at our Butterfly Learning Center Garden with Master Naturalist, Emily Hawthorn. Learn about 5 common butterflies seen in Texas and how you can support their habitat with plants that are native and readily available at local nurseries. Leave with the knowledge and plants that will bring butterflies to your front porch. (The Butterfly Learning Center is an outdoor garden and learning space, located in the Voelcker Historic Homestead. It is a project by the Alamo Area Master Naturalists, maintained by a crew of Master Naturalist Volunteers).