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  1. Integrated Toxic Plant Management

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    Integrated Pest Management is a balanced, tactical approach to pest control. It involves taking action to prevent pest outbreak, when possible and to prevent excessive damage caused by pests. When the noted pest is toxic plants in native grass and introduced grass pastures, Integrated Toxic Plant Management involves an application of IPM principles, the identification of toxic plants, understanding the symptoms of poisoning in livestock, recognizing problem areas in pastures and facilities, and formulating a management strategy for minimizing livestock losses. Management strategies include using good range and pasture practices and livestock management practices. Management strategies include getting new, strange and potentially poisonous plants correctly identified, recognizing when plant control is necessary, knowing what kind of control is best, and most importantly, planning for follow-up management to reduce reinfestation by targeted toxic plants.

    This webinar will offer 1 IPM CEU for pesticide applicators in Texas.