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  1. Go Gardening Videos

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    Go Gardening’s mission is to help people conserve water in the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers by teaching homeowners how to convert turf grass areas to low-to-no water use landscapes featuring native plants. We hope you learned a lot about enhancing your landscapes in Season One and two of the Go Gardening shows, and we’re looking forward to bringing you lots more gardening know-how in 2024. You can now watch all previous episodes on GVST’s YouTube channel.

  2. Families in Nature Condensed Online Guide Training

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    Join Families in Nature (FIN) for our condensed Guide Development Training Program!

    During this online course, you will learn tips and tricks to confidently and comfortably lead groups of people in the outdoors, including topics like how to manage wildlife and weather, how to use nature as a tool to enhance your time outside, and how to incorporate all ages all together! This training is appropriate for anyone who wants to help get their family or community outside!

  3. 1st Wednesday Dark Sky Place Coaching

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    Are you helping your local community, park, reserve, sanctuary, or urban park apply as an International Dark Sky Place? Or are you starting to think about it?

    Either way, this is the gathering where you can connect with others doing the same thing and be coached by DarkSky Texas volunteers who have experience with IDSP applications. Your timing is great because there are DarkSky Texas members who are willing to give their time and expertise to help you and others.

  4. August Monthly Meeting: Cats Indoors: Better for Cats, Better for Birds, Better for People

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    Do you love your pet cat AND wild birds? Do you want to know how to keep them and the family you love safe? Then the best place for your pet is indoors. Grant Sizemore, Director of Invasive Species Programs for The American Bird Conservancy (ABC), will tell us how ABC’s “Cats Indoors” program provides all these safeguards and more by advocating responsible pet ownership and providing best practices.

    Options for in-person attendance will be at Alamo College Districts in San Antonio at 6:00 pm, or online via Zoom at 6:30 pm.

    For more information and to register for in-person attendance, please visit Bexar Audobon Society’s event page.

  5. Getting Ready for Fall Sweep Webinar

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    Please join KTB for an orientation to the Fall Sweep Cleanup Season. We’ll cover the basics (supply requests, best practices, and the Texas Litter Database) and hear about successes from guest affiliates. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to ask all of your burning questions about cleanups!

  6. A New Take on Community Gardens: Training Citizen Gardeners

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    Across the state, children’s obesity levels continue to increase. During this webinar, learn what the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department in partnership with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension are doing to mitigate this trend. We will cover county demographics, general information related to the county’s health and chronic diseases, strategies under way to improve the county population’s well-being in food desert areas, and the recently implemented Citizen Gardening Training initiative. Join us!

  7. Schools That Heal: Design with Mental Health in Mind

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    What would a school look like if it was designed with mental health in mind? Too many public schools look and feel like prisons, designed out of fear of vandalism and truancy. But we know that nurturing environments are better for learning. Research consistently shows that access to nature, big classroom windows, and open campuses reduce stress, anxiety, disorderly conduct, and crime, and improve academic performance. But too few school designers and decision makers apply this research to create healthy schools. Schools That Heal details the myriad opportunities—from classroom improvements to whole campus renovations—to make supportive learning environments for our children and teenagers.

    With invaluable advice for school administrators, public health experts, teachers, and parents, Schools That Heal is a call to action and a practical resource to envision and implement nurturing and inspiring school environments. This webinar will present the background research, design strategies, and communication methods for making school environments that nurture a sense of belonging, provide nature-filled places, and inspire awe.

  8. Bexar Audubon Society Online Auction

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    Bexar Audubon Society is raising funds to support our Community Grant program to help local organizations with conservation projects that benefit birds and their habitat. Our online auction takes place from October 20 through November 4.

    Auction items include: Artwork, Hill Country Escapes, Photography Ranch Trip, Handmade Quilt, Game Cameras, and more. An anonymous donor will match the amount raised up to $10,000, which means we can do even more for community conservation projects!

  9. Nature’s Best Hope by Dr. Doug Tallamy

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    In this online program, Dr. Doug Tallamy will discuss how we can create landscapes that enhance local ecosystems rather than degrade them, including how we must add the native plant communities that sustain food webs, sequester carbon, maintain diverse native bee communities, and manage our watersheds. If we do this in half of the area now in lawn, we can create the Homegrown National Park, a 20-million-acre network of viable habitats that will provide vital corridors connecting the few natural areas that remain. Ticket fee is $5 in advance.

  10. All of It, All at Once: Weaving Nature Into Communities for Human Health, Climate Readiness, Equity, Biodiversity, and Much More!

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    The benefits that nature provides are oftentimes put into tidy boxes. Yet, when we restore or recreate nature where it has been lost, we energize places and spaces to do many, many things simultaneously – such as bolster climate readiness, engage in placemaking and Indigenous presence, uplift human and biodiversity health, activate artistic avenues, etc. Join The Nature Conservancy in Texas’s Jaime González for a tour of Houston greening projects and policies that are seeking to recreate Houston into a more Climate Ready, Wildly Healthy place. We’ll also explore the One Health framing that lies at the heart of Jaime’s work in the Greater Houston Region – a framing that seeks to envision and operationalize projects at the intersection of human health and wellbeing, environmental health, and biodiversity/domestic animal health.

  11. Virtual Forest Therapy (Bathing) Walk

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    You are invited to relax and unwind on a forest therapy walk led by Courtney Crim, Ed.D., and Laura Allen, Ph.D., professors at Trinity University and Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Certified Guides. Inspired by Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing), “Forest Therapy refers to the practice of spending time in forested areas for the purpose of enhancing health, wellness, and happiness” (ANFT).

    The walk is scheduled for Saturday, November 5 from 9 – 11 AM and will take place virtually. While it sounds contradictory, we have led multiple virtual forest bathing walks via Zoom with participants all over the country. You can participate in a local park, green space, your backyard, or even inside if you have some living plants available. Participation is limited to the first 25 that register. Once registered, we will send more specifics about the morning, a release form that must be filled out to participate, and the Zoom link.

  12. Creating Healthy Community Connections with Walk with a Doc

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    Walk with a Doc is a national program aimed to make hope and health accessible to everyone through a community walk in nature to engage patients in a comfortable environment about their health. Join Dr. Amanda Mohammed to learn about Walk with a Doc, the benefits of walking, and how to start a Walk with a Doc program in your community.