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  1. Breaking Play Barriers: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Let PLAY Lead the Way

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    Teacher Workshop with Adrienne F. Hofmann M.Ed, Founder & Director, Nature Play All Day – A Nature and Play-Based Early Childhood Program

    Play Barriers are the inhibiting beliefs and practices that hinder early childhood educators from embracing play-based learning. Many of these beliefs stem from childhood memories or have even been passed down generation after generation, with no direct experience or factual truth. Breaking play barriers challenges the conventional notions of teaching and underscores the power of play in facilitating deep and meaningful learning. By acknowledging and overcoming personal barriers to risky, messy, and open-ended play, educators and caregivers can revolutionize their approach to early childhood care. Become a YES caregiver by understanding and practicing observation.

    Learning outcomes include recognizing and dismantling ingrained narratives about early childhood education that then allow for a more open-minded and effective teaching approach, understanding the profound impact of play on learning with scientific evidence suggesting it accelerates synaptic formation in the brain by 20-40 times and empowering educators to embrace and incorporate more dynamic, engaging, and messy play experiences leading to a revitalized and transformative approach to early childhood care.

  2. More Green Time, Less Screen Time

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    Webinar with Sarah Nielsen, M.Ed., Health Educator, SG Wellness, LLC

    Studies show that direct exposure to nature has positive effects on a child’s physical and emotional development. Green time sessions give children the opportunity to unplug and balance out their screen time exposure with mindfulness, sensory awareness and curiosity. Each session begins with a series of breathing and grounding exercises designed to calm and center the body and mind. Participants then have the opportunity to customize their session by selecting an intention from a green time inspired menu. To close, a short sequence of guided breathing exercises invites participants to rejoin the group and wind down their session.

    This webinar will begin with a brief discussion about the “biophilia – biophobia” spectrum and its influence on nature exposure, before pivoting to practical interventions for increasing green time, and finishing with a conversation about establishing sustainable ways to access nature in order to improve health and wellbeing. By the end of the session participants will be able to appreciate the “biophilia – biophobia” spectrum and its influence on nature exposure, practice forms of noticing, nature journaling, and logging, recall and reproduce demonstrated sensory awareness activities, and apply the green time session framework in their own communities, practices, and classrooms.

    Sarah Nielsen is a Health and Outdoor Educator who specializes in facilitating experiences with nature that enhance physical and emotional wellbeing. Sarah holds a Masters in Health Education, is a Board Certified Health & Well-being Coach, and is a registered ParkRx America provider. In 2022, she began partnering with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX to offer “Green time” focused sessions and interactive seminars for youth and families.