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  1. Owl Prowl

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    Join us for our annual fan-favorite Owl Prowl. This year’s presentation features the Heard’s screech owls, Pudge and Poe. Discover the answer to some commonly asked questions: Can they turn their head all around? How far away can they hear a pin drop? We’ll also talk about which owls make North Texas their home and how to identify them. After a live owl presentation, take a guided hike on the sanctuary and discover if any owls are out and about.

  2. Laredo Birding Festival

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    The Laredo Birding Festival provides birders the opportunity to work closely with professional field guides, and to explore the depth of Laredo’s natural beauty. Carefully selected public green spaces and private ranchland will provide visitors the chance to visit sites that have never been birded. The Laredo Birding Festival includes professionally guided field trips, a chance to catch our local green parakeets in action at St. Peter’s Plaza in the afternoon, and special talks in the evenings.

    Enjoy a diverse selection of scenic getaways that can be explored during the three-day Laredo Birding Festival. For those who have already birded Laredo, or will make this their first visit – welcome to our Gateway City!