Texan by Nature’s Accelerator Program: Conservation Wrangler

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  1. Texan by Nature’s Accelerator Program: Conservation Wrangler

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    Conservation Wrangler Program

    Conservation Wrangler is an accelerator program that catalyzes the very best Texan-led conservation projects in the state. Selected projects are research-based and demonstrate a positive return on conservation for people, prosperity, and natural resources.

    Return on Conservation™: The return realized by investing in conservation encompassing positive financial, people, and natural resource impact.

    2021 Conservation Wrangler San Antonio Zoo’s Horned Lizard Reintroduction Project.

    Each year, organizations with ongoing conservation projects have the opportunity to submit Conservation Wrangler applications that are scored against a wide range of criteria with an emphasis on proven environmental, economic, and human impacts. Texan by Nature looks for applications that benefit Texans’ quality of life, economic growth, and natural resources in equal measures. Projects can focus on many natural resources such as wildlife, land, and water and be based in any Texas geography from urban to rural.

    During each program cycle, Texan by Nature selects up to six Conservation Wrangler projects to support with 18 months of program management, strategic planning, marketing messaging, metrics capture and analysis, professional content production, partnership development, and more. Each project has specific support needs and Texan by Nature develops a custom program plan with actionable goals to meet those needs and accelerate the project. 

    2018 Conservation Wrangler McDonald Observatory’s Dark Skies Initiative works to mitigate light pollution.

    Additionally, ALL Conservation Wrangler programs receive:

    • 12-18 months of tailored support
    • Recognition and certificate
    • Promotion via social media, newsletters, blogs, websites, etc.
    • Professional content production in the form of videos, collateral, and messaging
    • Program management and impact reporting
    • Monthly media roundup
    • Inclusion in partner program
    • Connections to technical, expert, and industry support
    • Recognition and participation in Texan by Nature’s annual Conservation Summit
    2022 Conservation Wrangler Hives for Heroes connects veterans to hives and beekeeping training.


    For conservation nonprofits, it is imperative to have a strong mission, vision, and strategy for conducting business. A strategic plan lays the foundation for broad organizational structure, allows a leadership team to set and keep track of measurable goals, and provides direction and guidance during the decision-making process. Additionally, a strategic plan is a great asset to share with staff and board members to ensure organization-wide alignment and prepare for growth. Refining goals, setting priorities, and creating a future plan are all ways that Texan by Nature helps our Conservation Wranglers think strategically about their project.

    • Texan by Nature acted in an advisory capacity on the Texas Children in Nature Network Strategic Plan during their participation as a Conservation Wrangler in 2020.
    • In 2022, Texan by Nature developed a comprehensive Strategic Planning framework that  allows organizations to understand all of the components that make up their strategy, empowering staff to create a plan without the need to hire an outside consulting firm. TxN is currently working with our 2022 Conservation Wranglers to develop useful strategic planning documents that aid in advancing their mission.
    2021 Conservation Wrangler Texas Children in Nature emphasizes equal access to outdoor opportunities.


    Once a project or organization develops a clear vision and goals, our focus shifts to spreading that message across the state. Texan by Nature helps Conservation Wrangler projects build out an effective marketing strategy – from determining the right way to message your intentions, to curating a list of outreach targets and developing unique deliverables. We also provide social media strategy support, Some examples of the work we have done in collaboration with our CW projects on marketing and messaging include: 

    Conservation Wrangler Videos tell the story of a project, highlight the positive impacts, and explain existing ways to support it. We provide each CW with a five-minute full-length video, as well as a 30s and 60s cut. These assets are debuted at the Conservation Summit and are then made available to the project to share on social media, send to potential donors, and post anywhere else they see fit. 


    Texan by Nature also provides each Conservation Wrangler project with a comprehensive one-pager to provide background on the project, highlight the positive impacts on people, prosperity, and natural resources, and outline existing ways to support it. This document is printed for the Conservation Summit and also provided to each project for distribution to whomever they choose.

    To help Conservation Wranglers refine their messaging and ensure it is consistent across all assets, Texan by Nature can help projects create a unique comprehensive Style Guide. Style guides encompass the organization or project’s brand language and image. The “style” represents how the project or organization is perceived by partners, landowners, Texans, industry, and others. This guide is to be used internally by the project and partners to ensure clarity, unity, and consistency when using programmatic language and graphics. 

    CW projects may require additional support in developing materials that tell the story of their work. Texan by Nature is skilled in GIS content production and able to produce high-quality project area maps, as well as detailed Story Maps that guide the audience through a series of curated maps, quotations, and photos.


    Conservation nonprofits rely heavily on fundraising efforts and sponsorship opportunities to fund their work. It takes time and relationship-building to curate a diverse network of donors and partners. Texan by Nature aids our Conservation Wranglers by advising them on how to build this network for themselves based on their unique location and mission. The Conservation Wrangler program does not provide funding to projects.

    Fundraising support conducted through the Conservation Wrangler program consists of assistance in the curation of outreach materials, lists and targets, professional content creation, strategic support and planning, and more. 

    Royal Terns in Matagorda Bay, site of 2021 Conservation Wrangler Audubon Texas’ work


    Texan by Nature’s mission is to advance conservation. We help our Conservation Wranglers by capturing and analyzing metrics, creating case studies and model expansion statements, as well as producing deliverables that align project directives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Examples of impact measurement include: 

    Learn more about our ROC™ Index work here: https://texanbynature.org/roc-index/.


    Many of our Conservation Wranglers focus on a specific species, ecoregion, or ecosystem. To achieve its goals, a project’s target audience must first have an understanding of the topic, which then creates an interest in support. Texan by Nature helps Conservation Wranglers develop educational materials that encourage greater community engagement and provide more transparency and credibility to the project. Some examples include:

    Pine warbler in Longleaf Pine.

    Since the inception of the Conservation Wrangler program in 2017, Texan by Nature has supported 23 unique projects across the state, elevating their conservation work. Through this program, TxN has accelerated efforts impacting 7+ million people, 20 million acres, and all of Texas’ 254 counties.

    Visit our website to read more about the specific impacts of each Conservation Wrangler project. 

    Please contact programs@texanbynature.org if you would like to support a Conservation Wrangler project, provide resources or connections, are interested in applying to the Conservation Wrangler program, or would like to learn more.