Agenda & Presentations

10:00 AM


Collaborating for a healthier future

  • Jay Maddock, PhD, FAAHB – Co-Director, Center for Health & Nature

10:10 AM

Nature in Practice—Clinical Solutions

Nature can be prescribed for positive results in prevention, treatment, and recovery. The latest research explores the use of nature in the clinical setting to achieve optimal mental and physical health outcomes.

11:05 AM

Communities in Nature—the Daily Dose

Nature where we live, and play is a critical component to long term health. Research encompassing access, quality, and amount of nature exposure will benefit our communities in need, as well as our growing population and the way we develop both our urban and rural areas.

12:25 PM

InCorporating Nature—Industry’s Role

The average American spends more than 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. Industry leaders are looking to nature to reduce stress and increase productivity and health among their workforce, both at work and where they live.

1:20 PM

Selected Research Proposal Lightning Talks

Panel Lightning Talks

1:45 PM

Vision Panel & Closing Remarks

Panelists include:

  • Gregory Bratman, PhD – Assistant Professor of Nature, Health and Recreations, University of Washington
  • Diana B. Allen – Chief, Healthy Parks Healthy People, National Park Service
  • Myron Floyd, PhD – Dean, College of Natural Resources, North Carolina State
  • John Henderson – Executive Director, Park Rx America
  • Aruni Bhatnagar, PhD, FAHA – Professor, University of Louisville
  • Dr. Shawn Gibbs, PhD, MBA, CIH – Dean, School of Public Health, Texas A&M University