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Wild Adventure Outfitters (WAO) is based out of the far West Texas town of Terlingua. Specializing in adventures and wilderness travel in the wild places we call home; (WAO) creates and fosters adventure with a strong emphasis on education and conservation.   

WAO is a small company with a very devoted purpose – to offer a wide variety of unique experiences in the Big Bend and beyond. WAO offers trips for those seeking a little more adventure. West Texas is often overlooked as a wilderness destination, but we believe that the Rio Grande meanders through some of the most beautiful scenery around and offers some of the best winter month boating in the country. WAO takes great pride in offering both high quality and culturally rich experiences along the US/Mexico border. Through towering limestone canyons, and one of the most biologically diverse deserts in the world, the Chihuahuan, WAO cultivates an experience where you and the environment may flourish.   

Project Description & History

The Rio Grande, known as the Rio Bravo del Norte in Mexico, flows across hundreds of miles of the Chihuahuan Desert in far west Texas. Its course has carved dozens of spectacular canyons and meanders through miles of this striking and solitary landscape of open desert. The Rio gives adventurers of all skill sets and abilities the chance to experience a dazzling array of nuances that are unique to one of the most endangered rivers in the world. Wild Adventure Outfitters specializes in some of the most remote and demanding river trips that the Rio Grande has to offer and takes great pleasure in showcasing each and every mile of this remarkable river in a respectful way. 

WAO believes that there is no better way to connect people with the outdoors than to get them outside. Operating in the largest expanse of public land in the state of Texas; WAO offers guided trips on the wild and scenic Rio Grande along with overland and Backcountry adventures in Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park. Getting the public deep within the heart of some of the best wilderness in Texas is more than a job, it is and passion for the crews that bridge parks and people harmoniously.

Community Impact

With the unique opportunity to preserve and explore more than 1.5 million acres, WAO makes a conscious effort to minimize any impact to the beautiful landscape around them. In conjunction with a diverse array of environmental backgrounds and decades of experience, WAO is at the forefront of nature preservation and conservation. WAO’s heart resides within the land that they hope to responsibly share with for generations to come.

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Take Action!

Want to embark on a similar project? Use the resources below to support your conservation journey:

  • TAMFS Ecosystem Services Resources
  • Texan by Nature Landowner Guide – This guide offers resources for residents who are interested in implementing voluntary conservation practices on their property. There is a wealth of information available for understanding conservation practices. This guide does not fully encompass every avenue a landowner can take, but provides the foundation for landowners to consider when initiating conservation practices on their land.

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