Texas’ population of 30 million people is expected to reach 54 million by 2050, putting pressure on the state’s land, water, wildlife, and infrastructure. As the 9th largest economy in the world, with a GDP of $1.9T, investments in water projects and conservation actions are needed to maintain economic leadership. This ensures our natural resources can not only support our growing population but thrive for generations.


Facilitated by Texan by Nature, the Texas Water Action Collaborative (TxWAC) matches funders to projects. Over $4.6 million in funding has been facilitated since 2021, including over $1.4 million facilitated in 2023 and over $1.2 million in funding facilitated so far in 2024.


  • Transactional Project Matching: Custom matching of funders to goal aligned projects providing quantifiable water benefits as well as ongoing upkeep of statewide fundable water project portfolio.
  • Policy Education: Keeping all TxWAC stakeholders abreast of the latest water policy news and ways to get involved (updates provided by our partners).
  • Transformational Project Development: helping address Texas’ biggest water needs through developing collaborative, sustainable projects in the areas of water workforce, water data, and water supply (research and project proposals in progress).

TxWAC has been a key partner as we work on our volumetric water goals. By connecting nonprofits with funding partners, TxWAC enables a stronger collaboration culture across Texas organizations, that results in bigger and better projects.”
– Abraham Tueme, Director of Sustainability – Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Arca Continental Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages



TxWAC builds collaborative relationships to align goals, metrics, and project/funding timelines between conservation organizations, corporate entities, and communities – all working together to accelerate investments that benefit one of Texas’ most precious natural resources – WATER.

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Join Bi-Monthly Stakeholder Meetings to learn about projects that need funding, get the latest water policy updates, learn about conservation tools/services, and hear from corporations about their goals and funding priorities. REGISTER for all 2024 Meeting dates. Stay in touch by SUBSCRIBING to our quarterly newsletter and JOINING the TxWAC LinkedIn Group.

  • May 14, 10-11 AM CT
  • Jul 16, 10-11 AM CT
  • Sep 10, 10-11 AM CT
  • Nov 19, 10-11 AM CT

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TxWAC Members underwrite Texan by Nature’s facilitation of TxWAC, including bi-monthly stakeholder meetings, project matching, project development, and messaging/communications. Click the button below to learn how you can accelerate investments in water. Leaders from all industries participate – you’ll be in good company!


At the end of 2020, Texan by Nature was identified by our Dallas-Fort Worth partners to develop, facilitate, and operate TxWAC, due to Texan by Nature’s unique position in bringing conservation and business together. Texan by Nature piloted TxWAC in March of 2021 in the Upper Trinity River Basin, with the support of a planning team comprised of leaders from Bonneville Environmental Foundation, The Coca-Cola Company, LimnoTech, Molson Coors, North Texas Municipal Water District, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Tarrant Regional Water District, Texas A&M AgriLife & Texas Water Resources Institute, Trinity River Authority, and Texas Water Foundation.

Texan by Nature expanded TxWAC to the lower Trinity River with support from Hess Corporation in March of 2022. The 18-month pilot resulted in over $2 million in funding for local conservation projects benefiting water quality and quantity. Based on the success of the Trinity River pilot, TxWAC expanded to the entire state of Texas in 2023. The statewide expansion was made possible with support from Meta, Texas Wellspring Fund, and Lyda Hill Philanthropies.