Klyde Warren Park


About Klyde Warren Park

Klyde Warren Park is the product of a decades-long vision for the Dallas landscape. Since opening in 2012, the Park has become a catalyst for ongoing transformation in the area and helped establish Dallas as a world-class city that provides inspiration around the country. Dallas is located in the central monarch migratory flyway – hundreds of thousands of butterflies pass through Texas as they embark on their annual 3,000 mile journey to and from overwintering grounds in Mexico. Klyde Warren Park is dedicated to further encouraging Monarchs to stop in Dallas during their journey. The Park became a Texan by Nature Monarch Wrangler in 2017.

As one of the largest green spaces within the downtown district, Klyde Warren Park acts as a refuge for a variety of animal and plant life. From wildflowers and grasses to dozens of trees to butterflies and bees, the Park is both a natural landscape and an educational platform that provides a place to enjoy nature as well as learn about it.

Project Description & History

The goals of the project are focused on increasing the quality and diversity of Park programming. As a central and prominent natural environment amidst an urban landscape, Klyde Warren Park aims to set the standard of environmental engagement and conservation for the city of Dallas. With partners such as the Perot Museum and the Texas Audubon Center encouraging discovery through creative and adventurous workshops, status as a Texan by Nature certified project paired with increased programming align with the vision and goals of the park.


The Park features a variety of expansive green spaces with hundreds of plants that are attractive to adult monarchs, including over 350 milkweed plants. Native milkweed is integral to the monarch life cycle, providing not only food for migrating adults, but is also the vital host plant for monarch eggs and caterpillars. Integrating increased focus on conservation and environmental education into the well-established brand and programming at the Park will encourage partners and enthusiasts to equally become engaged and seek out their own unique ways to create impact.

Community Impact

As one of the major natural spaces in the Dallas area, the 5.2-acre deck park provides a pristine, centrally-located green space where everyone is welcome. Education is a central theme in the Park’s programming, including 1,300 free activities that are offered to over one million Park guests annually. Klyde Warren Park is a destination park that brings in visitors from hundreds of surrounding neighborhoods, cities, and suburbs.

A major goal of the park’s Butterfly Benefit program is to act as an enjoyable and educational stepping-stone for guests. In developing programming specifically around the importance of butterflies in pollination and ecosystems, the hope is to encourage these same visitors to act in furthering their understanding and engagement with conservation because of this beautiful and fun foundation.

Botanical Garden at Klyde Warren Park


Take Action!

Want to embark on a similar project? Use the resources below to support your conservation journey:

  • TxN Monarch Resources – Suggested guides for residences, landowners, civic groups, and businesses, in addition to information on native plants and milkweeds, invasive species, seed sources, pesticide alternatives, and more.
  • Pollinator Symposia – Texan by Nature offers pollinator symposia that are available for use by partners who want to increase their efforts to protect pollinators in Texas.