H-E-B Trees for Texans
Texan by Nature is proud to partner with H-E-B to catalyze a statewide tree-planting program. Trees for Texans enriches the places we call home by planting trees that create healthier environments for schools, communities, and our future.

H-E-B Trees for Texans– For Communities

We’re connecting communities to nature with opportunities for hands-on conservation. H-E-B supports communities by partnering with local non-profits to plant trees, engage volunteers and celebrate the places we call home.

Trees for Texans – Trees for Communities Application

Why communities?

  • Just like our communities, our land is diverse! Trees for Texans partners with experts across regions of Texas to plant native trees that support local wildlife and provide clean air.
  • Home is where our roots are. Trees for Texans provides volunteer opportunities for community members to develop a deeper connection to nature and promote environmental stewardship.

What communities get trees?

  • We’re inviting local non-profits across Texas to apply for our communities program. 
  • The program operates on 2 cycles annually
    • Round 1 – applications are open December 1 – February 1 (notification in March).
    • Round 2 – applications are open June 1 – August 1 (notification in September)


The application for the Trees for Texans – Communities Fall 2024 granting opens June 1, 2024 – August 1, 2024. Grant recipients will be notified September 2024. We invite non-profits, municipalities, and civic organizations to apply for a $5,000 grant for projects that increase tree canopy, reduce the heat island effect, increase available greenspace, and beautify public spaces in Texas. This application is open twice each year (Spring and Fall), and there are no restrictions regarding number of applications- Organizations are eligible to apply each cycle.

  • Projects must be publicly accessible and include a care and maintenance plan for post-project longevity.
  • While project types are not strictly prescribed, projects must generate verifiable impact. (ie: community seedling giveaways are highly unlikely to be selected).
  • The goal of this program is to utilize funding from the Trees for Texans program to generate measurable positive impact on natural resources across the state of Texas, improving the communities in which H-E-B employees and customers live, work, and play.
  • Click here for a Word version of the application if you’d like to save your progress while working on your application.

Learn more about H-E-B and Our Texas, Our Future here.

For more information, please contact Texan by Nature at programs@texanbynature.org.

Why is H-E-B Planting Trees?

Our communities will thrive

Trees help communities thrive by offering shade, reducing the urban heat island effect, and cooling urban areas. Trees also enhance our communities, providing educational opportunities and mental health benefits that enrich the quality of life of our communities.

Our environment will thank us

Trees play a crucial role in keeping our environment healthy. Trees help absorb carbon dioxide providing cleaner air. Trees help filter water, providing clean drinking water for communities. Trees and forests provide crucial habitats that help healthy populations of wildlife thrive.

Our Texas, Our Future

H-E-B Trees for Texans is a long-term investment in the future of all Texans. As trees grow and mature over time, their benefits extend through generations creating a legacy of sustainability and stewardship for future generations to enjoy.