Spring Creek Nature Trail receives certification for being Texan by Nature

Spring Creek Nature Trail, a 14-mile natural hike and bike trail, was recognized for being a project that not only conserves natural areas but also benefits people. Its managing organization, the Bayou Land Conservancy, received the Texan by Nature Project Certification for the trail this month.

Jill Boullion is the executive director of the Bayou Land Conservancy. She explained that although the conservancy is a maintenance partner of the trail, the volunteers are the ones who’ve done the work on the project.

“What earned us this distinction is that the trail is a project that was built by community members for community use. It’s free for people to use, but it was built primarily by volunteers over 2,500 volunteer hours,” Boullion said. “We’re happy to have recognition for a project that so many people put their blood, sweat and tears into.”

The trail, which runs along Spring Creek in both Harris and Montgomery counties, broke ground in June 2017 and was finished last year.

“This (certification) is a way of providing some more publicity for a trail that’s in a beautiful, special place that not many people know about right now,” Boullion said.

Though there’s no trail maintenance funding involved in receiving this certification, Boullion said this distinction will encourage people to go out and explore the trail, which she called a “wilderness experience”.

Texan by Nature, the organization that gave the certification, was started by former First Lady Laura Bush. The organization’s ideal is one based on the idea that Texas’ prosperity depends on natural resource conservation. Program Manager Jenny Burden said in a press release that the Spring Creek Nature Trail exemplifies the on-the-ground conservation work Texans do every day.

“Through their collaborative work and thoughtful planning, they are not only creating habitat for wildlife, but also green spaces for people, healthier communities, which leads to greater prosperity, and opportunities for Houstonians of all walks of life to experience nature,” Burden said.