Ozarka® Natural Spring Water pledges $50,000 to support wetlands restoration

Ozarka® Natural Spring Water pledges $50,000 to support wetlands restoration

The Beaver Slough Wetland Restoration Project in East Texas will be managed by Ducks Unlimited in partnership with TPWD and the Texas Water Action Collaborative

[HAWKINS, Texas] – April 17, 2024 – In partnership with the Texas Water Action Collaborative and Ducks Unlimited, BlueTriton Brands through its Ozarka®  Natural Spring Water brand has pledged $50,000 to support the Beaver Slough Wetland Restoration Project on Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Old Sabine Bottoms Wildlife Management Area in East Texas.

Located near the Ozarka brand Wood County bottling facility and spring site, this restoration project enhances 160 acres of wetland habitat, generating 26M gallons of volumetric water benefit per year.

“Ozarka has been a long-time supporter of Ducks Unlimited, and they have been sustainably managing their east Texas property for years to provide significant benefit for wildlife species and their natural springs,” said Ducks Unlimited Director of Development, Bob Locke. “This most recent contribution from Ozarka gets us closer to our goal of restoring this important wetland, and we are pleased to be a part of this project in collaboration with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Texas Water Action Collaborative.”

Once fully funded and implemented, the Beaver Slough Wetland project will enhance management infrastructure and bottomland hardwood wetland habitat on approximately 160 acres. Beaver Slough is located in the Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area which is owned and managed by Texas Parks & Wildlife and located in Smith County, Texas. This specific area is filled by overbank flood events of the Sabine River. Bottomland forests reduce the risk and severity of downstream flooding by providing areas to store floodwater. Management infrastructure is crucial to properly manage these delicate ecosystems to ensure the health of the forest.

“Protecting natural springs and water sources is at the core of our business and it is critical to our sustainability efforts,” said Trey Mixon, Senior Natural Resource Manager for Ozarka and BlueTriton Brands. “This restoration project with Ducks Unlimited, whose conservation efforts are unparalleled across the nation, is right in line with our values as a company.”

This project will impact thousands of Texans as it will expand wetlands that contribute to water quality and quantity enhancement in the Sabine River watershed, including in Toledo Bend Reservoir. Wetland expansion and enhancement will increase outdoor recreation opportunities like waterfowl hunting and bird watching. Additionally, all 230,000 residents of Smith County can reasonably be expected to benefit from the increased ecological services and enhanced outdoor recreation opportunities on Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area and the affiliated local economy boost.

“Texan by Nature is proud to act as a trusted broker through our facilitation of the Texas Water Action Collaborative (TxWAC). TxWAC supports corporations, like BlueTriton Brands, in finding goal-aligned, local conservation projects to invest in from our Conservation Partners, like Ducks Unlimited”, said Taylor Keys, Director of Programs at Texan by Nature, “As Texas’ population continues to grow, partnerships like this are critical to activate tangible benefits for water, biodiversity, and people.”

TxWAC builds collaborative relationships and matches projects to funders. Matches are made by aligning goals, metrics, and project/funding timelines between conservation organizations, corporate entities, and communities – all working together to accelerate investments that benefit water.

Ducks Unlimited is still seeking an additional ~$1.045 Million in funding for the Beaver Slough Wetland Restoration Project. More than 50 eligible projects are currently looking for their perfect funder match through TxWAC. Learn more and get involved at texanbynature.org/projects/texas-water-action-collaborative/.


About BlueTriton Brands:

BlueTriton Brands, Inc. (“BlueTriton”) is a water and beverage company in North America that produces and distributes a portfolio of brands of spring water, purified water, and other beverages, which include Poland Spring®, Deer Park®, Ozarka®, Ice Mountain®, Zephyrhills®, Arrowhead®, Origin™, Saratoga®, AC+ION®, Pure Life®, B’EAU®, and Splash Refresher™.

BlueTriton Brands also owns and operates ReadyRefresh®, a reuse and refill platform for home and office beverage delivery in the United States, providing access to a broad portfolio of water and beverage products, the majority of which are sold in reusable, multiserve bottles. As a leader in home delivery and reusable packaging, the company strives to save customers time by conveniently and more sustainably delivering products to their door. ReadyRefresh is proud of its role in helping reduce waste by delivering healthy hydration to our neighbors, businesses, and communities in 3- and 5-gallon reusable bottles, which are collected, sanitized, and refilled.

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, BlueTriton is a privately held company with operations and distribution primarily in the United States and Canada, employing more than 7,000 employees. BlueTriton manages water resources for long-term sustainability and helps protect more than 20,000 acres of watershed area owned by the company from harm and destruction. The company has 29 production facilities across North America, with some verified to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (“AWS”) Standard. BlueTriton is a Water Champion with The Water Council and has committed to be verified under their WAVE program.

About Ozarka® Natural Spring Water

Proudly Texan, the Ozarka® Natural Spring Water brand is committed to helping conserve the springs where the water is sourced from and proudly supporting the local communities. Ozarka® Natural Spring Water is sourced from carefully selected natural springs in Texas. It has a natural mineral content, providing an unparalleled taste and quality that quenches the thirst of Texans and their neighboring communities since 1905.

About Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited Inc. is the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving North America’s continually disappearing wetlands, grasslands and other waterfowl habitats. Established in 1937, Ducks Unlimited has restored or protected more than 18 million acres thanks to contributions from more than a million supporters across the continent. Guided by science, DU’s projects benefit waterfowl, wildlife and people in all 50 states. DU is growing its mission through a historic $3 billion Conservation For A Continent capital campaign. Learn more at www.ducks.org.

About Texan by Nature
Texan by Nature (TxN) advances conservation by bringing conservation and business together  – positively impacting natural resources, prosperity, and health across Texas and beyond. TxN partners deeply with conservation groups and business, acting as an accelerator for conservation groups and a strategic partner for business. Their projects and programs have impacted 7M+ people, 19.5M acres, and all of Texas’ 254 counties. Get involved and learn more at www.texanbynature.org.