Laura Bush speaks at Lake Livingston restoration event

Cold Spring, Texas (KETK) – Former first lady, and Texan by Nature founder, Laura Bush came to Lake Livingston to celebrate it’s restoration.

While there she spoke on a wide range of topics from the state of former president George H.W. Bush, to what her and former president George W. Bush are up to, to Hurricane Harvey and how proud she was of our state when ordinary people stepped up in the midst of the disaster.

“The spirit of Texas is alive and well and our communities will rebuild and become stronger than ever,” said Laura Bush.

But of course the day was all about Lake Livingston and the restoration efforts.

When Lake Livingston was completed in the 1970s, it quickly became a popular destination for tourists and fishing tournaments.

“Over time, Lake Livingston began to lose its aquatic habitat as is typical of many reservoir lakes as they age,” said Bush.

In response many groups stepped up to remedy this Lee College in Huntsville partnered with Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs to plant water willows.

“Basically water willows are for helping with the habitat in the area, helping with erosion, helping with the silt buildup and it’s just basically giving back to nature,” said Scooter Langley, Lee College Horticulture Instructor.

Lake Livingston is the second largest lake in Texas and it has a considerable impact on both the local economy and the local ecosystem.

That’s why this lake is such a priority to Texan by Nature.

“When you think about natural resources and people coming together to improve their environment it’s an example of really the rest of the state and the nation on how we need to come together,” Matt Wagner, Texan By Nature Interim Director of Operations.

And little by little Texan by Nature expects Lake Livingston to return to its former glory.