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10 Career Tips For Leveraging The Pandemic Shutdown

Forbes - May 25, 2020

Your career and life journey is inherently unique, because, as Joni Carswell, CEO of Texan By Nature said, “you have the single unique way of looking at a puzzle that no one else does … Use those different ways that you’ve seen the world to solve problems.” During this crisis time when we are staying home andRead More

Across Texas, diverse wetlands are benefiting Texans — and facing threats

Texas Water Resources Institute - May 12, 2020

Across Texas, there are a wide diversity of wetlands. Sometimes, they crop up in places one might not expect. While working with the Texas Playa Conservation Initiative through Texan by Nature’s (TxN) Conservation Wrangler program, TxN program manager Jenny Burden learned to spot playas, which are shallow clay-lined depressions scattered across the Panhandle region. “DependingRead More

McKinney restaurateur mobilizes aid for local farms and others financially impacted by pandemic

The Dallas Morning News - May 5, 2020

Rick Wells of Harvest Seasonal Kitchen and Rick’s Chophouse helped set up One Heart McKinney and a Farm Crisis Fund. The call went out early and fast. While most of us were just awakening to the possible impact of the coronavirus, McKinney Mayor George Fuller was shifting into warp drive. His 19-year-old daughter, Layla, testedRead More

Op-Ed: Nature in Need

El Paso Herald-Post - May 1, 2020

Coronavirus has hit everyone hard – our healthcare and education systems, small businesses everywhere, families, really every aspect of society. During this time we’ve seen heroic efforts and support from individuals putting themselves in harms way to care for others as well as businesses offering free services for others to move forward. We’ve seen theRead More

Frontera Land Alliance Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve now Texan by Nature Certified project

El Paso Herald-Post - April 27, 2020

On Monday, officials with The Frontera Land Alliance (Frontera), announced that their Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve was recently certified as a Texan by Nature Project. “This acknowledges that the Wakeem/Teschner Nature Preserve provides meaningful conservation efforts involving and benefitting people, prosperity, and natural resources,” Frontera officials shared. The official Texan by Nature Project designation was madeRead More

Enjoy nature: Fight off the coronavirus blues

The Eagle - April 26, 2020

As the coronavirus continues to spread, large parts of the United States and the world have been placed under stay-at-home orders. For most everybody, staying at home and physically, not socially, distancing yourself from other people, is the best way to avoid getting infected. However, this can take a huge toll on our physical andRead More

Trinity Park Conservancy Program Places Among Texan by Nature’s 2020 Conservation Wranglers

Dallas Innovates - April 20, 2020

Each year, Texan by Nature (TxN) recognizes six innovative conservation projects in Texas that take a science-based and results driven approach to conservation through the Conservation Wrangler program. Projects focus on the positive impact of people, prosperity, and natural resources. The Trinity Park Conservancy and its Trinity River Conservation Corps program, which was created inRead More

10 Unique Career Tips For Changing Industries With Purpose

Forbes - April 20, 2020

When I spoke with Texan By Nature CEO Joni Carswell about their unusual data-based corporate partnerships approach to conservation, I discovered there are nuggets of career advice buried in her career path, especially for changing industries as she did. Texan By Nature is a conservation nonprofit founded by Former First Lady Laura Bush that partnersRead More

A Data-Based Approach To Conservation From Laura Bush, For Earth Day

Forbes - April 19, 2020

Scientists across the globe are attributing the rise of the novel coronavirus to the loss of natural habitats and ecosystems, because these losses lead to more people coming into contact with potentially disease-carrying animals and pests. “Human impingement on natural habitats, biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation are making virus spillover events much more likely, aRead More

Exploration Green's walking trails

Exploration Green receives support, resources from Texan by Nature

Community Impact - April 16, 2020

Exploration Green, a former golf course turned stormwater detention pond between El Camino Real, Bay Area Boulevard and Space Center Boulevard, is one of six conservation projects across Texas to receive more than a year’s worth of dedicated program support and resources, according to an April 7 news release. Among the resources Exploration Green willRead More