Upper Trinity Conservation Trust

Location: Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

The Upper Trinity Conservation Trust (UTCT) is a non profit land trust that works to protect the land and water features of the upper Trinity region. The trust focuses on the conservation of riparian zones which are instrumental in reducing erosion and keeping pollutants from entering the river. UTCT protects watershed resources through conservation easements. These legal agreements between the land trust and private landowners ensures the land and natural resources are being protected while still allowing landowners to own and use their land.

In addition to conservation easements, UTCT has created the Denton County Greenbelt Plan – a county wide plan for the preservation of greenbelts and other natural areas around local lakes. It provides guidelines for communities, developers, and residents to coordinate the planning of greenbelts according to a common vision. UTCT ultimately strives to protect drinking water supply, sustain healthy riparian zones, and improve neighborhoods.

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