Travis Audubon

Location: Austin, Texas

Travis Audubon is an independent chapter of the National Audubon Society, founded in 1952 by visionary Central Texans who recognized the vital connection between conserving wildlife habitat and maintaining the ecological balance necessary for healthy, sustainable, and habitable communities. Travis Audubon protects native habitat for birds and other wildlife, and promotes the enjoyment, understanding, and conservation of these native species and their habitats. As a non-profit corporation, many of Travis Audubon’s programs and activities are organized and led by a dedicated, experienced, and highly skilled corps of volunteers.

Travis Audubon protects critical habitat for the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler at the 715-acre Baker Sanctuary. The Chaetura Canyon Sanctuary is home to more than 30 nesting avian species, and is world renowned for research and conservation of Chimney Swifts. Travis Audubon also operates a ‘living lab’ for habitat restoration and education at the Blair Woods Nature Preserve in east Austin. Along with protecting these habitats, Travis Audubon spearheads conservation programs locally, and supports them abroad, by leading diverse and interesting field trips and bird walks nearly every weekend and on weekdays, both at local birding hotspots and exotic getaways. Travis Audubon offers year-round classes from birding basics to advanced classes for the identification of sparrows, raptors, gulls, butterflies and dragonflies, and even grasses. Their many outreach programs strive to educate the community about the vital connection between conservation and sustainable, healthy human habitats.


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