Texas Native Seeds – CKWRI

Location: STATEWIDE, Texas

Texas Native Seeds (TNS) is a research and development program of Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, augmenting and providing products to the commercial seed industry. TNS works to develop native seeds that can be produced commercially, in volumes needed by restoration professionals in order to have ecosystems level impacts on native plant and wildlife conservation. TNS is a visionary effort to do something now, while substantial native plant populations still exist and provide a reservoir for collection, evaluation, and development of tomorrow’s seed sources today.

Due to dramatic shifts in land management goals toward recreation, conservation, and multiple use in recent decades, the need and desire for restoration of native plants by private landowners and government agencies has increased substantially. These seed sources are needed for a variety of restoration and reclamation uses including: to prevent the spread of invasive species, to mitigate the impacts of the oil and gas industry, to prevent erosion on roadsides, to protect and compliment biodiversity in the surrounding lands, to increase and improve wildlife habitat, and to enhance and sustain our public and private lands for generations.

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