Texas Land Conservancy

Location: STATEWIDE, Texas

The Texas Land Conservancy (TLC) is one of the oldest land trusts in Texas dedicated to land conservation. They are in the business of protecting natural areas from the negative effects of land fragmentation and poorly-planned development. TLC works to conserve natural areas and to protect the physical and ecological integrity of their wildlife habitat, native plant communities, and scenic landscapes for the benefit of present and future generations.

TLC helps landowners find an economical, realistic alternative to selling their land to a developer that allows ownership to remain in their hands but transfers the responsibility of conserving the land to TLC experts. Many of these properties are working farms or ranches, while others contain important habitat for wildlife and native plant communities. All of these lands are beautiful examples of Texas’ natural heritage. TLC’s work ensures that economic viability and growth is balanced with what makes us Texan: our rural heritage, our open-spaces, our farms and ranches, our scenic vistas, and our natural resources.

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