South Texas Natives – CKWRI

Location: SOUTH, Texas

The mission of South Texas Natives is to develop and promote native plants for restoration and reclamation of habitats on private and public lands and focusing on the development of locally adapted native plant seed for south Texas habitat. The South Texas Natives program was developed by the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute in response to the increased construction of highways and pipelines, increased oil and gas activity, and the increased awareness of native plants as a vital component of wildlife habitat.

South Texas Natives is committed to providing economically viable sources of native plants and seeds to both the private and public sector for the restoration of native plant communities in south Texas. Objectives of the program are to: collect, evaluate, and release seed of important south Texas native plants to commercial seed producers; develop and implement strategies to reestablish native plants and minimize the influence of introduced plants on native habitats; disseminate information about the ecological value of native plants; promote the use of native plants in rangeland restoration, highway plantings, oil and gas exploration remediation, and horticultural plantings.

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