Quail Coalition

Location: STATEWIDE, Texas

The Quail Coalition formed in 2009 out of Park Cities Quail Unlimited’s Texas Chapters, and currently has 8 local chapters around the state of Texas. The Quail Coalition works to sustain and restore huntable wild quail populations, encourage and educate interested youth in hunting and the outdoors, and celebrate their quail heritage in Texas. As a result of separating from Park Cities Quail Unlimited and forming the Quail Coalition they are able to direct virtually 100% of every dollar raised towards quail research, habitat improvement, and youth outreach programs.

The Quail Coalition’s programs work with landowners to promote native grass production and conservation to restore Texas prairies, which are beneficial to wildlife. They annually fund quail research, habitat restoration, youth outreach, scholarships for wildlife education, and the Texas Brigades program, which educates youth on quail and the outdoors

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