North Plains Groundwater Conservation District

Location: Dumas, Texas

The North Plains Groundwater Conservation District, based in Dumas, TX, is a regional conservation entity created to manage and protect groundwater resources in 8 counties in the Northern Texas Panhandle. By developing pumping rules, participating in regional water planning efforts, and through public education, NPGCD seeks to raise awareness about sustainable groundwater use, especially by farmers and other agricultural producers.

The Ogallala Aquifer is a major groundwater supply that extends from South Dakota to the Texas Panhandle. For the majority of NPGCD’s service area, the Ogallala aquifer is the only reliable water supply. Therefore, the conservation of this invaluable, but finite, resource is of utmost importance. NPGCD administers a variety of educational programming, including the Master Irrigator program, designed to educate producers on agricultural groundwater conservation and sustainable irrigation practices. The district is also an active participant in the statewide Groundwater Management Plan, working closely with legislators and other districts to provide for the ongoing preservation of groundwater resources across the state.

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