Houston Wilderness

Location: Houston, Texas

Houston Wilderness is a broad-based alliance of business, environmental and government interests that act in concert to protect, preserve and promote the unique biodiversity of the Greater Houston region’s precious remaining ecological capital – from bottomland hardwoods and prairie grasslands to pine forests and wetlands – while recognizing the importance of the region’s natural assets to its cultural history, economic vitality and future well-being.

Houston Wilderness’ mission is accomplished through convening various groups to promote, protect and preserve the biodiversity in the 10 area ecoregions; providing collaborative problem-solving opportunities on critical environmental issues; and educating the public on the many exciting outdoor opportunities in the Greater Houston Region and the health benefits associated with nature. Houston Wilderness programming includes: The Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan, the Collaborative Grant Organizing Program, the Wilderness Passport, Great Green Quest, and an Ecosystem Services Primer. Houston Wilderness’s Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan was TxN Certified in 2019. View the Certification project page here.

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