Hill Country Conservancy

Location: CENTRAL, Texas

Hill Country Conservancy (HCC) was formed in 1999 to preserve large strategic tracts of open space that conserve critical water features, preserve outdoor recreation opportunities, and help maintain the Hill Country’s unique quality of life for generations. HCC is the only professional conservation organization working every day to preserve open space in the Barton Springs Aquifer region. The mission of Hill Country Conservancy is to preserve vital natural resources through conservation, community collaboration and engagement to sustain our region now and forever.

Hill Country Conservancy marshals public and private resources to preserve the natural areas and scenic vistas, aquifers and springs, rivers and streams, working farms and ranches, and the rural heritage of the Central Texas Hill Country for people to enjoy and cherish for generations to come. HCC’s vision is to create Vast Open Spaces – this plan leverages the open space already acquired in the Hill Country and adds to it adjacent or nearby land so the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts. The Conservancy hopes to eventually create a network of open spaces, occupying more than 50,000 acres.

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