Hill Country Alliance

Location: CENTRAL, Texas

The Hill Country Alliance (HCA) was formed in response to the escalating challenges brought to the Texas Hill country by rapid development occurring in a sensitive ecosystem. The mission of the Hill Country Alliance is to bring together an ever-expanding alliance of groups throughout a multi-county region of Central Texas with the long-term objective of preserving open spaces, water supply, water quality and the unique character of the Texas Hill Country. HCA is building an informed and active community to care for the long-term health and quality of life of the Texas Hill Country for future generations.

Comprised of neighbors who work cooperatively with landowners, ranchers, conservationists, developers and elected officials to preserve the water quality, water supply and natural beauty of our community, HCA promotes responsible and planned growth in a region under tremendous pressure to urbanize. The Alliance helps individuals and community groups by sharing resources and information. They host community meetings about current issues and participate in regional planning activities, and they serve as a resource about Hill Country issues, collaborating regularly with land trusts, universities, groundwater districts, government agencies, environmental groups and landowners. They believe a strong economic future for this region depends on Texans’ ability to direct growth in a way that conserves the very resources that make the Texas Hill Country such a desirable place to live. Hill Country Alliance’s Hill Country Living Festival + Rainwater Revival was TxN Certified in 2019. View the Certification project page here.

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