Headwaters at the Comal

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Serving as the site of the first municipal waterworks for the city of New Braunfels from the 1930’s until 2004, Headwaters at the Comal is a 16-acre tract of land near downtown New Braunfels. As a historically and environmentally important site, New Braunfels Utilities seeks to restore the sensitive springs riparian habitat, honor the cultural and environmental history of the site and encourage future stewardship of the environment, water, and community.

In addition to becoming an environmental showcase for the community, opportunities will be available for visitors, school groups, and researchers to discover and share the latest information in water and energy conservation, awareness, and education. Phase I of the site restoration is currently underway. Planned amenities include walking trails, demonstration gardens, an outdoor classroom, wastewater treatment wetland cells, composting facilities, and restored riparian spring overlooks.

Headwaters at the Comal received a TxN Certification in 2018. View the certification page here.

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