Great Springs Project

Location: Austin, Texas

Great Springs Project (GSP) is an organization whose mission is to create and conserve a greenway of protected lands in Central Texas over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. GSP unifies existing local efforts to address critical water, land, wildlife, and public health challenges in the Central Texas Region to protect the land bearing vital water resources. Projects to support their mission include conserving 50,000 acres over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone and connecting contributing zones with over 100 miles of spring-to-spring trails by linking four iconic springs by 2036. Additional projects aim to protect natural resources for endangered species as well as water quality for the over two million Texans relying on the Edwards Aquifer for drinking water. By working with local landowners and corporate partners, GSP hopes to provide Central Texans with sustainable flood mitigation and climate resilience for local communities to improve overall quality of life as well as an economic engine that will sustain the growing communities of the Texas Hill Country for years to come.

Great Springs Project became a TxN Certified project in 2023. View their TxN Certification page here.

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