The Frontera Land Alliance

Location: El Paso, Texas

The Frontera Land Alliance (TFLA) protects—forever—natural areas, working farms and ranches, water and wildlife for future generations in the West Texas and Southern New Mexico region of the Chihuahuan Desert. This includes TFLA leadership in education, resource management, and stewardship engaging in collaborative partnerships. TFLA promotes and facilitates balance in prudent approaches to ensuring the sustainability of our natural assets.

Frontera is committed to educating the public about land conservation.  In this capacity, the organization has set up workshops for landowners, government officials and the general public to help them learn about the various methods that can be applied to conserve lands and the benefits to be derived from that process. Future generations will benefit from the immeasurable beauty and vitality of Chihuahuan Desert natural areas. Additionally, preserving working farms and ranches which form the core of communities that have thrived here for centuries should also be saved for the future of those communities.  Through a rigorous review of the significant lands remaining, Frontera will be able to target those places in greatest jeopardy and work with willing landowners to ensure their preservation.

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