Friends of RGV Reef

Location: COASTAL, Texas

Friends of RGV Reef seeks to share its appreciation for the Gulf of Mexico and its wildlife with coastal communities, tourists, researchers, and amateur anglers by increasing awareness about Gulf reefs, fisheries conservation, and marine ecology in Texas and beyond. By augmenting an invaluable community resource, Friends of RGV Reef provides an opportunity for anyone to have an up-close encounter with the Gulf’s marine wildlife, including species recovering from overfishing. The ongoing recovery of these and other reef species is due, in part, to the artificial reefing efforts made by scores of dedicated volunteers and researchers across the Gulf.
Friends of RGV Reef’s Rio Grande Valley Reef Restoration was selected as a 2019 Conservation Wrangler. View the project page here.
Friends of RGV Reef also received a TxN Certification in 2018. View the certification page here.

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