Friends of Lake Livingston

Location: Livingston, Texas

In 2013, the Trinity River Authority and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) approved a plan to foster natural habitat around the 85,000-acre Lake Livingston. The plan, developed by the Texas Black Bass Unlimited and the Piney Wood Lakes Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists, created Friends of Lake Livingston (FoLL) to re-establish Lake Livingston as a prime destination for anglers and water enthusiasts by restoring the lake’s aquatic habitat.

Lake Livingston is the second largest lake in Texas, created in 1971 to provide most of Houston’s water.  As a result of environments, over bulk-heading, and past management practices, the lake is now devoid of most aquatic vegetation. The result is now a declining habitat for fish fingerlings, increased shore erosion and siltation, and reduced water quality. This lack of native vegetation exposes the lake to infestation by invasive foreign plants. FoLL’s initial plan was it introduce 100,000 native aquatic plants into the lake within 10 years. Now into their fifth year, the organization expects the project to continue as an eco-recovery effort that will create self-sustaining habitat along the non-bulk-headed shoreline and riparian areas.

These native aquatic plants, once established in sustaining colonies, will provide habitat for fish, birds, and other invertebrates, as well as improve water quality. The end result is expected to add significant value to the community.

Friends of Lake Livingston was selected as a 2017 Conservation Wrangler. View their project page here.

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