Ducks Unlimited

Location: STATEWIDE, Texas

Since the founding of Ducks Unlimited (DU) in 1937, DU has conserved more than 14 million acres of waterfowl habitats across North America. DU provides conservation efforts in all 50 states, but the organization exerts its main efforts towards protecting resources in waterfowl habitats. Their main conservation priorities are found in Prairie Pothole Region, Western Boreal Forest, Mississippi Alluvial Valley, Central Valley and Coastal California, and Gulf Coastal prairie. These five regional initiatives function to connect people with the correct resources to protect critical waterfowl habitats. DU employs various, unique methods of preserving wetlands through cross-border initiatives, satellite imagery, Geographic Information Systems technology, and stewardship programs. These efforts directly contribute to DU’s vital mission of recognizing each region’s role in sustaining the future of waterfowl.

DU recognized the severe threat that changing rural landscapes presented to waterfowl dwelling along the Texas Gulf Coast leading to the establishment of the Texas Prairie Wetlands Project (TPWP) in 1991. For over 25 years, this project has worked with private landowners to restore, enhance, and protect shallow, seasonally flooded wetland habitat on private lands in 28 counties along the Texas Gulf Coast. Additional environmental benefits to wetland preservation include various ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, stormwater retention, flood prevention, and water filtration. TPWP has restored over 85,000 acres of wetland for wintering waterfowl and worked with 686 landowners on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Ducks Unlimited’s Texas Prairie Wetlands Project was selected as a Conservation Wrangler in 2019 and 2023. View the project page here.

Ducks Unlimited’s Richland Creek WMA restoration became a TxN Certified project in 2023. View their TxN Certification page here.

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