Comal County Conservation Alliance

Location: CENTRAL, Texas

The Comal County Conservation Alliance (CCCA) was formed in February 2018 by a group of concerned citizens who saw the need to raise public awareness about the urgency of land preservation in our fast-growing county. The mission of the CCCA is to preserve land, water, and wildlife in Comal County by means of educating the public and elected officials about public and private conservation opportunities; encouraging county-wide planning efforts to preserve critical natural elements in Comal County; and providing a platform for conservation-minded individuals and groups to share resources, knowledge, and skills.

To advance its mission, the CCCA has pursued public outreach by means of hosting informative monthly programs, participating in community events around the county, and offering workshops for landowners. The CCCA is currently working on a county-wide public awareness campaign with one of its partners, the Great Springs Project, and is planning a health and nature symposium to be held in the near future. The CCCA has pursued partnerships and collaboration with organizations in the county and throughout the Hill Country in order to advance shared goals. The CCCA has also established channels of communication with city and county elected officials to share information with them about the need for land conservation and the variety of funding options that have been used in neighboring counties. Most recently, the CCCA has created the Comal Land Conservation Fund with the purpose of helping to finance land conservation in Comal County.

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