Coastal Prairie Conservancy

Location: Houston, Texas

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Coastal Prairie Conservancy (CPC) was founded in 1992 and its mission is to help sustain a resilient Texas by preserving coastal prairies, wetlands, farms, and ranches to benefit people and wildlife forever. The Coastal Prairie Conservancy protects land through conservation agreements, land sales, and land donations. As the largest local land conservation organization, by acreage, in southeast Texas, CPC now protects over 30,000 acres of coastal prairie in Texas. On the Coastal Prairie in Harris, Ft. Bend, and Waller Counties, CPC owns more than 13,500 acres and protects 5,000 acres through conservation agreements with private landowners. CPC is also working to protect coastal prairie in other Texas counties and through conservation, agreements protect over 11,500 acres in Brazoria, Galveston, Matagorda, and Jackson Counties. CPC provides important benefits to the Coastal Prairie region including removing sediment and pollutants from nearby wetlands and water bodies, offering great recreational opportunities, and sequestering carbon. The Coastal Prairie Conservancy also works to keep land in agriculture for local farmers and ranchers, restore the land to help hold back floodwaters, and provide one of the last strongholds for wildlife in the region.

Coastal Prairie Conservancy’s Indiangrass Preserve received a TxN Certification in 2021. View the certification page here.

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