Bandera Corridor Conservation Bank

Location: CENTRAL, Texas

Bandera Corridor Conservation Bank (BCCB) is a cooperative of conservation-minded landowners and private entrepreneurs with the common desire to protect some of the most scenic and naturally diverse portions of the Texas Hill Country. BCCB is located in Bandera and Real counties along the southern escarpment of the Edwards Plateau. Conceptualized in 2009, the conservation bank is a program to formalize land protections and management of native wildlife habitats occurring in the Bandera Canyonlands between The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Love Creek Preserve to the east and Texas Parks and Wildlife’s (TPWD) Lost Maple State Natural Area to the west.

Since placing their first round of conservation easements in 2012, BCCB has placed a total of seven easements across four ranches, which total more than 3,400 acres under permanent conservation and management. Within these areas are nesting habitats for both the Golden-cheeked Warbler (GCW) and Black-caped Vireo (BCV). BCCB believes the cooperative model of the conservation bank, its success over the past seven years, and continued interest from surrounding landowners can support positive educational outreach opportunities for nature tourism, birding, land conservation, and Hill Country stewardship.

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