Audubon Texas

Location: STATEWIDE, Texas

Audubon Texas is the state branch of the National Audubon Society, dedicated to conserving and restoring natural ecosystems, with a focus on birds and other wildlife. For over a century, Audubon has developed a network of members, chapters, centers, state offices, and professional staff to connect people with nature and the power to protect it. Incorporating science, education, and policy expertise, Audubon’s efforts include protection of local habitats and implementation of policies that safeguard birds, other wildlife, and natural resources.

Audubon Texas protects and manages colonial waterbird populations in every major bay system on the Texas Gulf Coast, identifies and conserves the most important sites for birds statewide, and is working to reach 50,000 students annually through conservation education and stewardship action at three urban Audubon Centers – in Dallas, San Antonio, and Cedar Hill. Audubon Texas includes twenty local chapters, whose members work to create a culture of conservation in their communities through education and advocacy for birds, wildlife, and important habitats around the state. Audubon Texas also manages the Sabal Palm Audubon Sanctuary in South Texas, safeguarding one of the last Sabal Palm stands in the United States and its associated wildlife.

Audubon Texas’ Conservation Ranching program was TxN Certified in 2019, and Audubon Texas was selected as a 2021 Conservation Wrangler. View the project page here.

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