Get Involved with Texan by Nature

The can-do spirit of Texans can do a lot of good.

Photo Credit: Ethan Tweedie


I am a nonprofit, is there a fee to be a TxN Member?

At Texan by Nature, our core values and organizational vision center on increasing investment in conservation and helping conservation organizations make a bigger impact across our state. Therefore, we encourage nonprofits take part in our CONSERVATION PARTNER program. This program is free of charge.

How long does a membership last?

Memberships are for one year, renewed annually at the time of your original participation start date. Renewals are not automatic, unless pre-authorized by you.

Do I have to pay my membership all at once?

We are happy to set up monthly options if that works better for you! Additionally, if you prefer to pay all at once, but at a later date, we are happy to start your membership and submit an invoice as needed.

Can I donate my membership swag to make my dollars go further?

Of course! Please just include a note along with your donation that you wish to do so. However, we may still send you sticker so you can share with everyone who sees your truck, water bottle, laptop, or phone case that you are Texan by Nature!

What does my membership help pay for?

Every dollar makes a huge difference in our ability to deliver our programs and make a positive impact with our project partners. No donation is too small, and collectively, all of our members make a big impact, enabling TxN initiatives:

Is my membership tax-deductible?

As a 501c3, donations made to Texan by Nature are tax-deductible, and all donors are provided with either a digital or printed receipt.

For Sponsors & Catalyst Members: If needed, TxN is happy to provide you a fair market value estimate of your benefits. We encourage all members to consult their trusted tax professionals and all current IRS rules before filing.

For Individual Members: Your donation is deductible minus the fair market value of the goods you receive. For example, if your membership level comes with a sticker and a bandana, your deduction is DONATION AMOUNT – STICKER/BANDANA VALUE = DEDUCTION. We encourage you to confirm all deductions and amounts with your tax professional!

Can my membership go to support a particular program?

Absolutely! Please contact Texan by Nature before making your contribution to discuss what project, program, or initiative caught your attention, and we will work with you to ensure funds support those areas however possible.