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The can-do spirit of Texans can do a lot of good.

Photo Credit: Ethan Tweedie

Texas has a lot of territory to take care of. There’s 269,000 square miles of land, divided into 10 distinct ecoregions. 367 miles of coastline, within which 21 river basins terminate. 540 species of birds and 142 species of animals. And 28 million people and counting.

Our state’s natural world inspires us and sustains both our quality of life and our economy. Keeping this momentum requires action from all of us: individuals, conservation organizations, businesses, healthcare institutions, schools, the scientific community, and faith-based organizations. Texan by Nature brings these diverse groups of Texans together in a collaborative approach to conservation, wherein we combine and leverage our unique strengths to increase our collective impact.

We call it Texan-led conservation, and we need your support on the front lines.
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Make a gift, large or small, to help Texan by Nature accelerate the pace of conservation and leave Texas with a legacy of healthy landscapes, waterways, and wildlife. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations are critical to our organization and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Learn more.


Become a Business Partner or Conservation Partner to connect with like-minded organizations, form public-private partnerships, and collaborate on data-based conservation initiatives. Cross-industry partnerships are key to building a lasting culture of conservation in Texas. Learn more.


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