Houston, we have a solution!

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Houston, we have a solution!

May 8, 2023 @ 6:45 am


Mark de Kiewiet will talk from his practical research as to how we can address the diminishing bee (and other pollinator) populations, considering both the managed and native bees. He will also draw from work done in the 1970s and the knowledge of some 2,000+ natural beekeepers in the USA. In recent years, Mark has been monitoring the effects of climate (phenology) on both the bees and plants they pollinate. Should we be doing something about this? Combining his Master Naturalist, Master Beekeeper, and native plant knowledge, he has been able to keep the Texas feral bee without the losses reported by others. Mark will cover the Africanization of the bees, gardening for pollinators, some biological wonders of the bee, and medical uses of products from the hive.