Business Council

In Texas, we’re firmly rooted in the belief that good stewardship is good business.

Photo credit: Grant Miller

“The potential for Texas business to be a powerful force for good in conservation has yet to be fully realized. Through the actions of their own employees and active conservation efforts on their own corporate campuses and in communities where they operate, business can have a transformative effect on conservation in this state.”

– Katharine Armstrong Texan by Nature Board Member

Photo credit: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Business Council Partners Include

“EOG Resources is pleased to partner with Texan by Nature to advance and promote long-term, science-based conservation in the Lone Star State. We actively support former First Lady Laura Bush’s vision for a collaborative, balanced approach to conservation, which builds prosperity and provides benefits for all Texans.”

– Gary Thomas President and Chief Operating Officer, EOG Resources, Inc.

“Healthy natural environments have a powerful healing impact on those who live in them. We know that nature is restorative and stress-relieving. And anything good for the body and brain helps the healing work of physicians. We support Mrs. Bush and Texan by Nature in helping people live well.”

– Dr. Marc Boom President & CEO, Houston Methodist

“At Texas Methodist Foundation, we use the phrase ‘stewarding potential’ to describe what we all need to do to help bring about the world that God desires. We are excited by the possibilities for partnership with Texan by Nature to engage communities of faith as stewards of God’s creation for the benefit of people and nature.”

– Tom Locke President, Texas Methodist Foundation