Abbey Jacks in front of Bracken Cave

What Makes Me Texan By Nature – Abbey Jacks

April 25, 2024

I was born in Kingwood, Texas under the huge canopy of loblolly pines native to the Big Thicket of Texas. These trees were the constant background for my childhood questsRead More

a silhouette of hands creating a heart shape gesture along the back drop of a starry night sky. Image Credit: DarkSky Texas

5 Ways to Keep the Stars at Night, Big and Bright with Dark Sky Texas! By Tiara Chapman

April 17, 2024

The Milky Way galaxy contains ~100-400 billion stars and just as many planets. The magic of the cosmos inspired the earliest forms of astronomy and navigation, and ancient farmers onceRead More

Natalia Rodriguez walking along a spit towards a large body of water

What Makes me Texan by Nature – Natalia Rodriguez

April 16, 2024

Summers in Texas cast a golden spell over my childhood. I was a fearless child, and I loved being outdoors. I got into trouble climbing trees and bringing home cicadaRead More

Side view of a yellow butterfly, possibly a Tiger Swallowtail on purple flower called Phlox pilosa.

Plant Conservationists You Should Know!

March 26, 2024

Did you know that Texas is home to 30% of plant species found in the U.S.? Very soon, Texas will also become home to 10% of the US population, andRead More

Swipe Right to Advance Conservation

March 22, 2024

On most dating apps, swiping right means you like a person, and swiping left means you’re not interested. Dating apps work as modern matchmakers by using algorithms to make recommendationsRead More

What Makes me Texan by Nature – Aaron Bowen

March 21, 2024

I grew up in the rolling hills of Tontitown, Arkansas, amidst the gentle hum of a 4-house pullet farm. This is where my connection with nature began. Those long, sun-soakedRead More

What Makes Me Texan by Nature – Jake Cooper

March 18, 2024

Texans don’t just live in Texas; Texas lives in them. The state’s culture and hospitality, the feeling of freedom and wide-open spaces (a la Dixie Chicks), and the unwavering spiritRead More

World Wildlife Day: Conservation in Far West Texas

March 3, 2024

It’s a tough world out there for Texas wildlife. Texas ranks fourth in the nation for most endangered animal species with 51 species. Texas’s growing human population has caused increasedRead More

Let’s Talk Trash – How SPLASh Volunteers are Cleaning up the Texas Coast

February 28, 2024

Ok, we don’t mean to gossip… But did you hear that Texas is the “trashiest” state? Yep, you read that right. Texas has the highest average weight of trash debrisRead More

What Makes Me Texan by Nature – Eros Baua

February 26, 2024

I was born in the little town of Iloilo City, Philippines, but raised entirely Texan. I came to the States when I was 6 months old. However, my time hereRead More

Landowners and the Future of Conservation with Texas Wildlife Association

February 23, 2024

In the heart of Texas, where vast landscapes and thriving communities coexist, a unique challenge has emerged. Our land provides rich natural resources that make Texas the 9th largest economyRead More

7 Questions for a Sustainability Professional: Nichole Jones-Dooley

February 20, 2024

A native of Hot Wells, Texas, Mary Kay Ash is known as one of the original glass ceiling breakers for her iconic brand, Mary Kay. A true disruptor in business,Read More