Swipe Right to Advance Conservation by Taylor Keys

On most dating apps, swiping right means you like a person, and swiping left means you’re not interested. Dating apps work as modern matchmakers by using algorithms to make recommendations using criteria such as location, age, and personal preferences.

As companies operating in Texas seek to be better stewards of the water they use, finding the perfect project match to meet their water targets can be as difficult as finding the perfect date. The Texas Water Action Collaborative (TxWAC), facilitated by Texan by Nature is THE “matchmaker” for conservation and business. 

TxWAC makes matches using a company or funder’s preferred criteria including goals, metrics, locations, project types, and reporting needs paired against a project’s planned outcomes. Matching partners based on mutual data points yields highly impactful, collaborative relationships. 

Data-based, quantifiable metrics, clear reporting, and standard best practices set the foundation of all Texan by Nature programs in our mission to advance conservation. This builds the framework and provides insights for our matching methodology.

As a business or conservation organization, there are A LOT of fish in the sea. Texas boasts a population of over 30 million, a GDP of over 2.5 trillion (8th largest economy in the world!), the headquarters for 55 fortune 500 companies, 10 diverse ecological regions spanning 171.9 million acres (39th-largest country by land area in the world!), 191,000 miles of waterways, over 142 different species of mammals and 600 birds, and a state that is 95% privately owned.

Texan by Nature acts as a trusted broker to help our partners navigate all of this potential. Our approach is clear: Connect. Convene. Catalyze. TxN connects the brightest minds to the strongest resources. We convene our Business Members and our 155+ Conservation Partners to forge valuable relationships that catalyze the most exciting conservation projects benefiting natural resources, people, and prosperity.

Right now, sustainability and conservation are more important than ever for business. According to the World Economic Forum (2022): 

  • 90% of executives believe sustainability is important, but only 60% of organizations have sustainability strategies.
  • Embedding sustainability in strategy is essential to meet evolving investor pressure, consumer demand, and regulatory requirements.
  • Sustainability has also been proven to attract top talent, reduce costs, and boost profits.

Through the Texas Water Action Collaborative (TxWAC) we match funders to projects that have quantifiable water benefits and the proof of this being successful, is in the pudding! Since the launch of TxWAC in 2021, we’ve facilitated over $3.8 million, including over $1.5 million in 2023 alone.

“TxWAC has been a key partner as we work on our volumetric water goals. By connecting nonprofits with funding partners, TxWAC enables a stronger collaboration culture across Texas organizations that results in bigger and better projects.” said Abrahma Tueme, Director of Sustainability – Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, Arca Continental Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages.

What if one project has a lot of potential suitors? We can work with that!

TxWAC builds collaborative relationships to align goals, metrics, and project/funding timelines between conservation organizations, corporate entities, and communities – all working together to accelerate investments that benefit one of Texas’ most precious natural resources – WATER.

As a result of TxWAC, in 2023, the Texas Longleaf Team received $972,000 from The Coca-Cola Foundation, Silk (a Danone North America brand), Google, Meta, and Microsoft to restore 2,000 acres of longleaf pine forest on private lands in Trinity County, Texas. 

Sometimes, becoming the perfect match means sprucing up your “dating profile”. For Texan by Nature this means:

  • Alignment of project and funder goals
  • Clear impact/benefits metrics, including a monitoring plan to collect baseline, during, and post-implementation data for reporting
  • Comprehensive budget/plan
  • Collaborative partnerships
  • Collaborative funding
  • Effective, powerful storytelling

This successful match will have a fruitful future. TLT, in partnership with Raven Environmental Services, will work over a 5-10 year period to remove invasive plants, conduct prescribed burns, and plant ~100,000 longleaf pine seedlings. Through the restoration of 2,000 acres of longleaf pine, this project is projected to provide increased water filtration, totaling 200 million gallons per year for 8-12 years. These ecosystem services will benefit the surrounding community in East Texas. Learn more about this project. 

There are over 50 eligible projects looking for their perfect funder match through TxWAC – learn more about project matching services here

For projects like The Nature Conservancy’s Trinity Basin On-Farm Conservation Pilot, we have one match and are working to find another to fully fund the project. This project works with landowners to implement on-farm conservation practices. This includes direct agreements with producers for cover-cropping and conservation tillage practices, as well as direct lease agreements with irrigators to leave water in-stream when it’s needed most. 

Are you on the hunt for your perfect match and don’t know where to start?

Whether you are a funder or a conservation organization, we are here to help you! Explore our programs and get involved: