What Makes Me Texan by Nature

Hanna Guidry

The bumper sticker phrase “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could” was something I heard often from my parents throughout my childhood. They were true examples of that saying: my mom grew up in the Midwest and my dad grew up in Louisiana, and as soon as they graduated college and got married they came to Texas. When I came along, I became the first and only native Texan in our family.

Growing up, our family of three did most of our traveling by car. By the time I started middle school, I had already seen most of the state’s natural landscape through the windows of my mom’s minivan. I also gained an appreciation of local nature through annual family trips to the Dallas Arboretum, where I got to watch Monarch butterflies migrate every October (and started a lifelong obsession with Texas butterflies). From a young age, I recognized the natural beauty of the state of Texas and the many different plants and animals that call it home.

I’ve known since I was eight years old that I wanted to be a lawyer, but it wasn’t until I was older that I realized I could combine my love of nature with my desire to practice law. This led me to pursue degrees in Government and Sustainability Studies at the University of Texas at Austin to prepare myself for a career in environmental law. Along the way, I became involved in various corporate sustainability opportunities that made me realize the power businesses have to play a key role in conservation and environmental protection.

To me, this belief is what makes me Texan by Nature. Texas is a state driven by business and innovation while also being characterized by its wide variety of landscapes, plants, and animals. These qualities make Texas unique and are the primary reason why I want to remain here to preserve Texas’ natural beauty and economic strengths. Working for Texan by Nature is the perfect way for me to spend my time between graduation and law school: I get to connect business and nature and work on meaningful projects in my home state.