Texan by Nature 20: Recognizing Business in Conservation
By Joni Carswell

Texan by Nature exists to advance conservation and we have a vision that every single business, every single Texan will participate in conservation – all 30 million of us representing a 1.9 trillion dollar GDP. We believe that conservation is good business and that we must build on best practices and innovation to realize the nature-filled, healthy, and prosperous future we envision. In order to build, we must first recognize and understand leading actions and opportunities.

The Texan by Nature 20 was launched due to lack of recognition and best practice sharing across industry. In 2018 and 2019, we hosted roundtables across the state of Texas and learned about impactful action that wasn’t being broadly shared. As we facilitated discussion, we witnessed surprise and interest as leaders from a variety of industries shared their journeys, lessons learned, and thoughts on the future of conservation and sustainability. 

We listened as they talked about the lack of recognition for action led by industry and the shortage of sharing between industries. As we reflected on these discussions, the Texan by Nature 20 was developed – an annual recognition of the best conservation coming from industry, recognizing efforts from big and small institutions across 12 industries.

The selection and naming of the Texan by Nature 20 each year is an exciting and educational time. As we research the latest reports and activity, we see trends, innovation, improvement, interesting partnerships, and new commitments. We see opportunities to recognize practices that could change industry and our relationship with our natural resources moving forward.
In 2023, we found that 82% of the top 70 companies in Texas made environmental sustainability values an integral part of their mission. Many companies went beyond words, actively demonstrating their commitments by leveraging their own expertise to support sustainable initiatives. We found data-backed examples of businesses who see the value in natural resource efficiency as an opportunity to positively impact operating expenses and the planet.

We’re excited to see the trends, standout practices, and opportunities, in addition to honoring the best in conservation and sustainability coming from industry in 2024.

Data submissions for the 2024 Texan by Nature 20 are open now – June 7, 2024.

To select the TxN 20, Texan by Nature aggregates publicly available data with self-submitted information yielding an initial list of 2,000+ publicly traded and private companies within 12 industry sectors. The data is evaluated on a point-based scoring matrix of key criteria such as the use of green energy, spend on conservation, operational innovation, and more. A cross-industry selection committee then ranks approximately 60 finalists to determine the final list of honorees.

Explore how the 2023 TxN 20 honorees are committing to conservation – Download the 2023 TxN 20 Industry Report.

We hope this report acts as a catalyst for inspiration to explore conservation as a vital component of not just sustainability strategy, but operational strategy moving forward. We believe the future lies in this strategic growth and in the types of partnerships, programs, and projects executed by the Texan by Nature 20 honorees. 

If you are inspired by a particular project or organization and would like to know more, please reach out to our team so that we can connect you with the right partner.

Thank you for being on this conservation journey with us.