Marathon Oil: Fostering Resilient Communities by Planting 100 Trees at a South Texas School

Trees provide a wealth of environmental, social, and economic benefits to our homes, neighborhoods, schools, and communities. Marathon Oil, TxN Catalyst Member, understands the impact trees have on the communities they operate in, leading them to partner with Texan by Nature and Trees for Houston to plant one hundred trees across the Kenedy ISD campus, a South Texas district with 700+ elementary, middle, and high school students. Learn how this project aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with MRO’s Return on Conservation Index here.

25 Marathon Oil volunteers and local school officials put boots on the ground and got their hands dirty to plant trees and build a pollinator garden. Aside from the aesthetics, how does planting trees on school grounds benefit students and the community?

  1. Promoting Health: Trees are nature’s superheroes! They purify the air by absorbing harmful pollutants and releasing fresh oxygen for us to breathe. By planting 100 trees, students, teachers, and community members visiting the school grounds can enjoy improved air quality.
  2. Enhancing Biodiversity: Trees are not just beautiful; they’re also vital for supporting diverse ecosystems. Planting trees at schools provides a safe haven for birds, insects, and other wildlife, fostering biodiversity right in our own backyard.
  3. Cooling Effect: As we all know, Texas heat is no joke. But guess what? Trees are natural air conditioners! TxN and TFH planned tree placement around the school grounds to create refreshing shade and lower ambient temperatures.
  4. Improving Water Quantity and Quality: Trees act as natural filters by intercepting and absorbing rainwater. Their leaves, branches, and roots, minimize pollutants and increase the amount of water stored in the ground, supporting clean and healthy water ecosystems.
  5. Boosting Mental Well-being: Nature has a remarkable ability to soothe and uplift our spirits. By bringing more greenery to schools, students can experience a calming and peaceful environment that enhances mental well-being and student achievement.

The partnership between Marathon Oil, Texan by Nature, and Trees for Houston to plant trees at Kenedy ISD will have a lasting impact on students and the environment. To learn more about Texan by Nature Membership, custom projects, and how to get involved visit 

About Marathon Oil

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