TxN 20 Honorees: Dell Technologies & Texas Instruments + Industry Highlights

We are excited to bring you the Texan by Nature 20 (TxN 20) for its third year! The TxN 20 is an effort to recognize the best work in conservation coming from businesses operating and based in Texas. It’s an opportunity to showcase innovation, commitment, and best practices from a variety of industries.

To select the 2021 TxN 20, the TxN Team evaluated submissions as well as conducted independent research across 2,000+ of Texas’ publicly traded and private companies within 12 industry sectors. All companies were evaluated on a 17-point scoring system to narrow down the list of the top 60 companies in Texas. A selection committee of top industry leaders was formed to evaluate the top 60 companies and select the final honorees for the TxN 20.

Texas is no stranger to technology. Before silicon valley, the semiconductor was invented in 1958 at Texas Instruments, and one of the largest computer companies in the world, Dell Technologies originated in Austin. Texas ranks #4 in the nation for the number of tech jobs, with many tech firms providing conservation minded solutions for their employees and customers. As of November 2021, 35 tech companies had relocated to or opened new facilities in the Austin area in 2020 alone. From repurposing and recycling old computers to promoting conservation practices such as native habitat creation on corporate campuses to investing in sustainable infrastructure and sourcing renewable energy, the technology sector is using their innovation to reduce their environmental impact. 

Learn more about the 2021 TxN 20 honorees from the technology industry and see a list of industry highlights. 

2021 Honoree: Dell Technologies

For the third consecutive year, Dell is a TxN 20 Honoree. They produce a range of computer and technology products with a priority on sustainability. To date, they have used 100 million pounds of sustainable materials in their products, this includes 636,000 pounds of reclaimed carbon fiber across Dell Latitude and Precision products. Dell Technologies has closed the recycling loop by turning plastics from used electronics into new Dell Technologies products. 

2021 Honoree: Texas Instruments

TxN 20 Honoree, Texas Instruments (TI) designs and manufactures semiconductors and integrated circuits for a variety of electronics. TI implements more than 200 energy efficiency projects each year to reduce GHG emissions and energy costs. Over the last five years, Texas Instruments conserved 1.3 million MMBtu of energy – the equivalent of powering more than 35,000 homes for a year. In addition, TI saved $31.6 million in energy costs over this same period. TI implements water-efficiency projects each year that reduce water consumption. Since 2016, they have conserved nearly 1.4 billion gallons. In addition, TI saved $8.9 million in water utility costs over this period.

Read the full honoree Q&A write-ups and read the 2021 press release

Industry Highlights

In addition to this year’s TxN 20 honorees, learn more about best practices in conservation and sustainability coming from companies across the technology industry.

  • As part of Cisco’s sustainability efforts, they provide a number of employee engagement opportunities. Cisco organizes a two-month employee campaign called Earth Aware every year, and in 2020, they conducted virtual presentations on zero waste lifestyles, environmental justice, and cleaning local watersheds. In addition to Earth Aware, they also provide a sustainability web platform called Cisco GreenHouse to help employees get connected with others that want to follow more sustainable lifestyles.
  • Google is the world’s largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy annually, and by the end of 2019, they purchased more than 40 million MWh of renewable energy. They also have other programs to increase energy efficiency. Their shuttles in the Bay Area saved more than 43,000 tCO2e emissions in 2019, equivalent to 9,342 cars off the road every workday. 
  • Headquartered in Austin, Oracle is a computer technology company that promotes sustainable solutions through their practices. In 2020, Oracle reused or recycled 99.6% of their retired hardware assets. Additionally, they have seen a 50% reduction in emissions by doubling the amount of units shipped on a pallet.
  • Applied Materials is also working towards a more sustainable future with goals in place to operate with 100% renewable energy in the US, and as of 2020, 60 percent of their energy in the US is renewable. In Austin, Texas, Applied Materials operates an Industrial Waste Neutralization program that functions to treat industrial wastewater, and this system has reduced their need and usage of potable water by approximately 104 megaliters.