#TxN10Giveaway Sponsors

Texan by Nature turns 10 this year! In order to celebrate and show our gratitude to our supporters, we launched a monthly giveaway series for 2021. Anyone can enter these giveaways through Instagram or Facebook, and winners are selected at random each month. This giveaway would not have been possible without our generous sponsors. Below is a list of all of the sponsors and the amazing items they donated to our #TxN10Giveaway.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies Solar Charger [Included in the #TxN10Giveaway every month in 2021]

Dell Technologies helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live and play. Dell Technologies was recognized for their outstanding conservation and sustainability efforts in the 2019 and 2020 Texan by Nature 20. With two TxN Certified Projects (Dell Campus Pollinator Habitat and Dell Design for the Environment) and as a Platinum Sponsor for Texan by Nature’s Conservation Summit, Texan by Nature is deeply grateful for Dell Technologies’ support and for their commitment to conservation. Learn more.


HEB Texans Helping Texans Kodi Tumblers [Included in the #TxN10Giveaway every month in 2021]

H-E-B, named America’s favorite grocery store, is a Texas-based company that has served the community for 116 years. Recognized for their fresh food, quality products, convenient services, commitment to environmental responsibility and helping Texans H-E-B is a brand that all Texans stand by. H-E-B is a Platinum Sponsor for Texan by Nature’s Conservation Summit, and they were recognized for their outstanding conservation and sustainability efforts in the 2019 and 2020 Texan by Nature 20. Texan by Nature is deeply grateful for H-E-B’s’ support and for their commitment to conservation. Learn more.

Former First Lady & TxN Founder, Laura Bush 

Signed Copy of Our Great Big Backyard Book  [Included in the #TxN10Giveaway every month in 2021]

Former First Lady Laura Bush, and her daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, co-wrote a best-selling children’s book, Our Great Big Backyard, as a tribute to our national parks and to show the importance of children connecting with nature. In 2011 Mrs. Laura Bush founded Texan by Nature with a few of her close friends (Regan Gammon and Katharine Armstrong) to unite conservation and business leaders who believe our state’s prosperity is dependent on the conservation of our natural resources. Learn more.

Blue Bell Creameries

Two Pint Gift Certificates  [Included in the #TxN10Giveaway every month in 2021]

Starting in 1907 a group of local businessmen in Brenham, Texas, decided to establish the Brenham Creamery Company and make butter from excess cream brought in by area farmers. A few years later, the creamery began making ice cream and delivering it to neighbors by horse and wagon. It was in 1930 that the company changed its name to Blue Bell Creameries after the native Texas bluebell wildflower. Butter was produced until 1958 when Blue Bell began to focus full time on making ice cream. Blue Bell Creameries, is a true Texan company that proudly makes its ice cream the old fashioned way. Learn more.

Texas Monthly

One-Year Magazine Subscription [Included in the #TxN10Giveaway every month in 2021] and Two BBQ Club Memberships [March & August #TxNGiveaway exclusive]

For almost half a century, Texas Monthly has chronicled life in the Lone Star State, exploring its politics and personalities, barbecue and business, true crime and tacos, honky-tonks and hiking. Did you know that the Texan by Nature 20 was featured in Texas Monthly in 2019 and 2020? Learn more.

Desert Door 

Desert Door Tasting and Round of Drinks for Two [Included in the #TxNGiveaway every month in 2021]

Desert Door spreads the Texan spirit by reviving the raw material, sotol, used for the first alcoholic beverages in Texas as early as 800 years ago. Desert Door promotes conservation in Texas by partnering with land stewards around the state. They partnered with 7 Oaks Ward Walker Ranch to use prescribed fire to foster new plant growth, expand wildlife populations, and create a healthy ecosystem. These fires help restore native grasses which prevent soil erosion and allow for proper water distribution on a mass of land where drought is recurring. Desert Door takes excess Sotol plants from this land and turns it into a premium spirit. Learn more.

Hiking Texas

Hiking Texas Sticker Pack  [Included in the #TxN10Giveaway every month in 2021]

Hiking Texas is dedicated to helping adventure seekers find the best trails, camping and lodging options across the Lone Star State. Find the best spots to hike, camp, relax, and experience the Texas outdoors — all with expert advice, incredible photography, travel resources, stories and destination guides. 10% of the proceeds from every purchase is donated to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation. This supports the proper stewardship and management of more than 90 Texas State Parks and historic sites and helps connect people to nature, provides access to outdoor recreation, and aids in conserving land, water, and wildlife for all. Learn more.

East Foundation

East Foundation YETI Tumbler, Ocelot Bandana, and Pocket Knife [Included in the #TxNGiveaway every month in 2021]

East Foundation, a TxN Conservation Partner, promotes the advancement of land stewardship through ranching, science, and education. We manage over 217,000 acres of native South Texas rangeland, operated as six separate ranches in Jim Hogg, Kenedy, Starr, and Willacy counties. Learn more.

Farmer Brothers

2 Bags of Farmer Brothers Coffee [Included in the #TxN10Giveaway every month in 2021]

Since inception in 1912, Farmer Brothers sustainably produces coffees and teas and serves 60,000+ food and beverage establishments around the nation. Farmer Brothers was recognized for their outstanding conservation and sustainability efforts in the 2019 and 2020 Texan by Nature 20. Learn more.

David Marquis [Included in the #TxN10Giveaway every month in 2021]

The River Always Wins Book

David Marquis is a writer and activist who lives in Dallas, Texas. Throughout his career he has worked to create lasting, positive social change in the environment, education, and human rights. Raised in West Texas during the drought of the 1950’s, he has an abiding interest in water and conservation issues. The River Always Wins offers up a metaphor for hope in troubled times. Using the musicality of refrains and short chapters, this prose poem creates a rhythmic understanding of the power of water to both challenge and heal. Learn more.

Fin & Fur Films

Signed Copy of The River & The Wall Book [January, July, September, and November #TxN10Giveaway Exclusive]

Fin & Fur Films is the production company of Ben Masters, a filmmaker, writer, and horse packer currently directing a series of conservation short films.Texan by Nature is proud to be the primary fiscal sponsor of, Deep in the Heart, a Fin & Fur Film project that is the first blue-chip wildlife documentary about the great state of Texas. Learn more.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Texas Parks and Wildlife State Park Pass & Gift Assortment [February #TxN10Giveaway exclusive]

Texas Parks and Wildlife’s (TPWD), a Texan by Nature Conservation Partner, mission is to manage and conserve the natural and cultural resources of Texas and to provide hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. There are 89 state parks in Texas! Learn more.

Texas Humor

Texas Hat [March #TxN10Giveaway Exclusive]

The Yes To Texas clothing brand and Texas Humor store are built upon the company’s intense love for this great state that we call home. Their products and store serve the purpose of spreading the gospel of Texas. Texas Humor is a husband and wife owned small business founded in the garage of our first home together in 2013. Learn more.


$250 Gift Certificate [April #TxN10Giveaway Exclusive]

Named after the mountains in Big Bend National Park, Texan boot company, Chisos, mission is to create comfortable and ethically/sustainably made boots while spreading the Texan spirit and promoting Texas land conservation. Chisos Wild-Caught Texas Alligator Cowboy Boots, are Texan by Nature Certified. Every boot, every Chisos purchase supports Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation’s mission of stewardship, conservation, leadership and engagement with Texas’ natural beauty. Learn more.

Mad Hippie

Mother’s Day Mad Hippie Gift Basket [May #TxN10Giveaway Exclusive]

Skin-care company, Mad Hippie, strives to create naturally-based skin care while dedicating their mission to increase sustainability in the beauty industry. From utilizing bioresin sugarcane tubes, to printing with soy inks on FSC certified paper, giving $1 of every web sale to conservation, and controlling our downstream waste through a partnership with Terracycle, Mad Hippie is dedicated to the preservation of the planet. Learn more.

Howler Brothers

$100 Gift Card [June #TxN10Giveaway Exclusive]

Located in Austin, Texas, Howler Brothers’ clothing designs honors the soul, passion and timeless style of sports such as surfing and fly fishing but are updated historic garment ideas with modern influence from waves, water, geography, fashion and art. Learn more.

Texan by Nature is very grateful to be supported by these businesses, organizations, and individuals that are as passionate about conservation as we are! If you are interested in participating in our monthly giveaways, please visit our Instagram or Facebook on the `10th of every month – goodluck!