Dell Technologies – Platinum Supporter of Texan by Nature

Dell Technologies is truly a Texan company, through and through. From the time it was founded in the dorm rooms of UT Austin, Dell has always embodied that bold and passionate “Texan” ingenuity. Dell proves their commitment to protecting the environment through various company-wide initiatives, such as the reduction of e-waste, and the creation of critical pollinator habitats; as well as the hands-on and unwavering support of Texan by Nature’s conservation programs.

Texan by Nature Conservation Wrangler is an accelerator program that catalyzes the very best Texan-led conservation projects occurring in the state. During each program cycle, Texan by Nature selects six Conservation Wrangler projects to support program management, strategic planning, marketing messaging, metrics capture and analysis, professional content production, and partnership development – whatever is needed to amplify or broaden the impact of the project. The generous support of Dell Technologies allows Texan by Nature to successfully assist these conservation projects, making real progress for the research and conservation of natural resources in Texas. 

“When Texan by Nature selects a project for our Conservation Wrangler program, we provide them with 18-months of services. Our team works with CWs to assist with strategic planning, marketing, fundraising, outreach and partnership building, or anything else they need and even provides each project with a professionally-produced project video to tell their story. Better still, TxN never assesses any fees from these projects for these services, ensuring the assistance never creates a burden. By partnering with us, Dell ensures we’re able to provide our CW projects with top-notch resources and hours of service, benefitting conservation across the state in bigger, bolder ways.” – Jenny Burden, Program Manager, Texan by Nature. 

Each year, Texan by Nature hosts a Conservation Wrangler Summit, where over 200 conservation and business leaders gather to share success stories, lessons learned, and best practices from across the state and through a myriad of viewpoints. The Texan by Nature Conservation Wrangler Summit highlights the six Conservation Wrangler programs of that year, as well as businesses and organizations that are making BIG, positive impacts for Texas’ communities, the economy, and for our diverse and beautiful natural resources. In 2018, Dell Technologies participated as a keynote speaker at the Conservation Wrangler Summit, educating attendees about how the company has used its culture of innovation, engineering, and supply chain expertise to become one of the biggest recyclers of plastic in the world. 

In his presentation, Michael K. Murphy, VP of Environmental Affairs explained, “When we stand alongside our customers and suppliers on an issue that matters to them, it’s that trusted partnership that ultimately makes the investment good for Dell and for the planet. That’s why we see this as a business imperative, essential to our success.” 

Dell is also a part of the Texan by Nature Project Certification program, which provides Texas employers, organizations, and individuals with recognition of meaningful conservation efforts involving and benefiting people, prosperity, and natural resources. Through their TxN Certified Design for Environment program, Dell acknowledges their responsibility as a global leader and environmental steward, reducing e-waste through a comprehensive approach to responsible product design and manufacturing. By taking a critical look at the full life cycle of their products, paired with innovative worldwide recycling initiatives, Dell commits to keeping materials in use for as long as possible, thereby reducing waste, the company’s carbon emissions, and capital costs. 

“Dell believes we have a responsibility to protect and enrich our planet together with our customers, suppliers, and communities. It is a core part of our business and we embed sustainability and ethical practices into all that we do. Through our partnership with Texan by Nature, we ensure that the natural resources that make Texas a wonderful place to live and work are there for future generations.” – Darrel Ward, Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies

Dell has also received a TxN Certification for their work with pollinator habitats. The company’s international headquarters in Round Rock occupies approximately 38 acres, situated on the I-35 migration corridor. Monarch butterflies rely on habitat waystations along this central flyway as they make their annual pilgrimage to and from Mexico. Dell employees and partner volunteers collaborated to create monarch habitat in addition to their Workplace Garden, planting milkweeds and other pollinator-friendly native plants, removing invasive species, managing a riparian zone and restored prairie meadow, and enhancing their educational interpretive signage. Dell also seeks to engage their employees in environmental and sustainability efforts happening company-wide through education, volunteerism, and collaboration.

Dell Technologies has been a major ally to Texan by Nature, leading real and positive progress throughout the field of sustainability and conservation. They continue to serve as an influential role model for tech companies worldwide. We thank them for all that they have done and continue to do to make the great state of Texas even better. Learn more about Dell’s social and environmental impact goal planning here. 

About Dell Technologies:

Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live, and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era.

About Texan by Nature:

Texan by Nature (TxN) unites conservation and business leaders who believe Texas’ prosperity is dependent on the conservation of its natural resources. TxN amplifies projects and activates new investments in conservation which returns real benefits for people, prosperity, and natural resources. Texan by Nature achieves mission goals through the Texan by Nature Certification program, Conservation Wrangler program, Symposia Series, and the Texan by Nature 20. Get involved and learn more at and follow on Facebook @TexanbyNature, Twitter @TexanbyNature, and Instagram @texanbynature.