Lyda Hill Philanthropies Teams with Texan by Nature to Support Conservation Partners Across Texas

Texan by Nature (TxN) exists to advance conservation in Texas. We do this by bringing conservation and business together. We believe in a collaborative model that pushes impact boundaries for Texas’ diverse natural resources, our diverse communities, and the state’s economic growth.

Through our collaborative model, we partner with over 80 conservation organizations across Texas and beyond that are moving the needle on best management practices for landowners, water conservation, climate change, wildlife, dark skies, and so much more. Our partners range from single biologist groups to large statewide organizations, such as Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Nature Conservancy of Texas. Our conservation partner network represents the best of the best. These organizations drive conservation efforts in Texas forward to protect what we love most about the Lone Star State. We believe that when we collaborate freely and share our expertise, we can accelerate the pace of conservation to benefit Texas’ people, prosperity, and natural resources.

“Texan by Nature’s Conservation Partner program supports over 80+ conservation organizations across Texas. Texan by Nature acts as a resource to these partners for strategy, marketing,  awareness/education, partner development, and more. A monthly media roundup allows partners to submit their latest news and events to be distributed to regional media, free of charge. Additionally, Texan by Nature meets with these partners throughout the year to understand projects and goals and introduce them to other similar initiatives so that efforts can be made broader and more impactful.” – Taylor Keys, Program Manager, Texan by Nature

Texan by Nature’s programs are made possible due to support from program and project sponsors. Their dedication to conservation allows Texan by Nature to support selected projects in a myriad of ways, amplifying & accelerating their impact across the state of Texas.

The 2020 Conservation Partner program is proudly sponsored by Lyda Hill Philanthropies. Lyda Hill Philanthropies encompasses the charitable giving of founder Lyda Hill who believes that “science is the answer” to life’s most challenging issues and is committed to funding transformational advances in science and nature. To learn more, visit

How do I get involved with Texan by Nature’s Conservation Partners?

Volunteer, Learn More, and Donate: Check out our partner page, where you will find our 80+ partners organized by name and location. You’ll be sure to find one that’s the perfect fit! Follow the organizations you think you might be interested in on social media and subscribe to their newsletters. This is a great way to learn more and get the most up-to-date information on volunteer opportunities, educational resources, and more. If you have questions about what partners fit your interests the most, email us at and we would be happy to help you out.

A TxN Op-Ed from earlier this year in the El Paso Herald Post highlights the importance of conservation organizations and the need to support their efforts through donations, partaking in conservation at home, and incorporating conservation into your workplace and future. This holiday season, consider supporting TxN and one or more of our 80+ Conservation Partners.

Corporate Volunteer Matching: If you are a business seeking corporate volunteer opportunities, email us at to learn more. We collect volunteer information from all of our partners and can match you with the perfect organization.

Virtual Conservation Resources: As we adjust to the new norm, much of which is virtual, our partners have been hard at work creating and providing virtual resources, educational curriculum, fun activities, and more to keep you and your family connected to the conservation community. Check out this list of compiled conservation resources.

Who can become a Texan by Nature Conservation Partner?

When organizations partner with Texan by Nature, they gain access to a statewide network of Conservation Partners, Business Partners, conservation projects, and other like-minded organizations. Texas’ conservation organizations work hard every day to care for the state’s land, water, and wildlife.

If you work for an organization that has a focus on conservation and/or sustainability and you positively impact people, prosperity, and natural resources through your work, consider applying to become a TxN Conservation Partner today

What is expected of Texan by Nature’s Conservation Partners and what do they receive from TxN?

Effective partnerships require a mutual exchange of value and information between Texan by Nature and Conservation Partners. We accomplish this by:

  • Featuring Conservation Partners on our Conservation Partner page and we ask that Conservation Partners feature Texan by Nature on their respective partner page.
  • Connecting relevant Conservation Partners to our programs – Conservation Wrangler, Texan by Nature Certification, and Symposia Series.
  • Highlighting Conservation Partners’ on our website and social media channels and we ask that Conservation Partners highlight Texan by Nature on their website and social media channels when applicable.
  • To ensure Texas’ media is updated on all TxN + Conservation Partners’ news, we have created a monthly round-up where partners have the opportunity to submit events, announcements, and milestones that they would like to share with Texas media.
  • TxN provides Conservation Partners access to exclusive resources on fundraising, funding opportunities, educational resources, and more!